CCB’s Jiaozuo Branch helps "2021 Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival"

Chunhua Qiushi, grain Fengdeng. Recently, "Qingfeng Collection · Sense of Party" 2021 China Farmers Harvest Festival Henan Provincial Main Venue was held in Wuyi County. CCB’s Jiaozuo Branch is carefully prepared, planning in advance, exclusive participation in live volunteer services and financial advocacy.

Establish a volunteer service station, do a good job in field service, popularize financial knowledge, and highlight the responsibility of state-owned big row with practical actions. In the Volunteer Service Station, the Construction Bank Jiaozuo Branch Volunteer Team sent water to the people to give water, Q & A, propaganda financial knowledge, popularize financial policies, to help you can help you, all-day consultation more than 670 times, issue propaganda More than 2,300 foldings, gain support and recognition of the government, media and the people. In recent years, the construction bank’s Jiaozuo Branch actively fulfilled social responsibility, resolutely picked up the responsibility of state-owned big rivals, and strives to pay a good job in farmers and loans, "Yuong Tong" service point is improved, Pu Hui Finance three projects, use Good products and services to promote rural residence.

First, play the advantages of the main channels of state-owned big rivals and vigorously carry out agriculture, rural areas.

As of the end of August this year, the construction bank Jiaozuo branches involved in farmers and loans, and added billions of dollars. The second is to vigorously carry out the construction of "Yuong Tong" service point and let the CCB service into the village.

The third is to let "Pu Wei Finance" benefit farmers, popularize rural areas, as of the end of September, have issued Puhui loan billions of small and micro enterprises at 1639 counties. This volunteer is a microcosm of the construction bank to serve rural farmers and help rural revitalization.

CCB’s Jiaozuo Branch will continue to practice new financial concepts, practice the new model of financial science and technology to enroll agricultural industries, and open the last kilometer of rural financial services to help rural residence. (CCB, Henan Branch, Zhang Dynasty) (Editor: Jiang Guo, Xu Chi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.