[Effect of Ligustrum lucidum drink]_Ligustrum lucidum_Benefit_Efficacy

[Effect of Ligustrum lucidum drink]_Ligustrum lucidum_Benefit_Efficacy

Ligustrum lucidum is a kind of Chinese medicinal material. There are many kinds of Chinese medicinal materials, and the effect of Ligustrum lucidum is obvious.

In addition to medicine, Ligustrum lucidum can also be used to soak water directly. Soaking water with Ligustrum lucidum has certain health effects, and it is even more beneficial to the body.

First: nourish the liver and kidneys normally. If the body has liver and kidney deficiency, the main symptoms are dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, and waist and knee weakness, then you can drink Ligustrum lucidum for treatment.

In addition to taking Ligustrum directly, it can also be treated with other Chinese herbs.

If dizziness, tinnitus and deafness occur, then Ligustrum lucidum can be cooked with Chinese wolfberry, chrysanthemum, Shouwu and Gastrodia, etc. If there is a softness in waist and knee, then Ligustrum lucidum can also be used.Seeds are mixed with dodder and cooked ground.

Second: black hair and bright eyes. If liver and kidney yin deficiency or insufficient blood is present in the body, the circulation of the body will be affected, and dazzling and premature white hair may occur.

At this time, if you want to achieve the purpose of black hair, you can mix Ligustrum lucidum with black ginseng, Eclipta and black sesame; if you want to achieve the purpose, you need to combine Ligustrum lucidum with chrysanthemum and wolfberryZi and the raw land and Sha Yuanzi decoction together.

Third: Anti-fatigue modern medical research has found that Ligustrum lucidum contains a kind that can significantly inhibit the production and formation of brain lipid peroxides in the elderly, and can improve liver activity.

In addition, Ligustrum lucidum contains a substance called stigmatin, which has a very good anti-fatigue effect.

In addition to resisting fatigue, it can also relieve many conditions of the coronary arteries, increasing blood flow and significantly reducing the three highs.

Fourth: The hypoglycemic scientist conducted experiments on the mice, and found that after injection of Ligustrum lucidum, the mice’s blood sugar will be reduced to a certain extent, and the diabetes caused by tetraoxythiophene does have a certain effect.The increase in blood sugar caused by adrenaline also has a certain inhibitory effect.

Therefore, drinking Ligustrum lucidum often can lower blood sugar very well, and also has very good effect on diabetes.

Fifth: Improving the body’s immune capacity. In addition to the effects we have introduced above, the long-term adherence can also improve the body’s immunity and make the body stronger and stronger.

It is reported that Ligustrum lucidum contains certain substances that can improve the function of T lymphocytes in the body, so that these lymphocytes can reproduce in large numbers, and have a certain resistance to local bacteria.