Ji Yunfeng and Chu Xichen think,Although the covenant between Yushi and their nursing home has nothing to do with the relationship between men and women,But for them,Can do something for the elderly,Very meaningful,Also very fulfilling。And Yushi didn’t call others,Only called them two,It shows their place in her heart。

Think so,Ji Yunfeng and Chu Xichen feel very satisfied。
Spent all morning in nursing home,Surrounded by the dean and the elderly,The three got into the car reluctantly。
Through the rear window,Looking back at the old people who were still waving at them,Yushi’s vision is blurred。
When my father was alive,Often take her to visit these old people,There were a few grandpas just now、Grandma asked her“Why didn’t your father come?We all miss him。”,Yushi didn’t dare to tell the truth。
In their eyes,Father Han Honglang is like their children,The white-haired man gives the black-haired man,She’s afraid they won’t be able to stand it。
Chu Xichen didn’t know what she was thinking,I thought she couldn’t bear the old people,Then advised:“Poetry,You want to come later,Can find me anytime,I take care of the elderly,Make sure they are healthy!”
Ji Yunfeng gave him a white look in the rearview mirror,Disdain:“Poetry,I can hire a few private doctors,Check the body of the elderly regularly,Old people are not feeling well,Get the most timely and effective treatment。”
Because of these two men,There was a smell of gunpowder in the carriage。
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Even though there are all kinds of unwillingness,Under the pressure of poetry,Ji Yunfeng still sent Chu Xichen home。
There are only two of them left in the car,Ji Yunfeng asked:“where to,Missy?I see you off!”
“Go to Nanao Yaju,I have an appointment with Guo Chenggang,Go to the construction site in the afternoon。”Yushi is a little tired,The seat has been lowered,Found a comfortable position to sit。
“Oh?Go to the construction site?I’ll check it out,I haven’t seen my work yet。”Ji Yunfeng feels that he is very cheap,Always follow her involuntarily。Where did she go,Where does he want to go。
Yushi did not object,Close your eyes slowly,“I am sleepy,Squint,Call me。”