First320chapter Stone tablet crack

“Should only take one day,Tu Guo’s brown flag army will arrive at Runyu City,What shall we do at that time?”Junshi Yao began to say anxiously。
Army presses in,Even if they have more dragon shepherds and mortals here,I’m afraid it’s hard to contend with this endless massacre army!
Tu Guo has huge ambitions,Just declared war on Yao Guo,And invaded Yao’s territory,And immediately dispatched another army to run over Runyu City。
“They should have wanted to do something against Yao,The Brown Gun Army stationed here was originally deployed in advance to attack Yao.,Now the national war is on,He must take it back,As a springboard for their expansion。”Hu Chongming said in a deep voice。
After all, it is still impossible to prevent Runyu City from being ravaged by war,This time the Brown Flag Army is probably a bigger team,The people here are afraid it will be difficult to support。
“Not without hope,If we find the evil star dragon in the ancient ruins,And inform the orderly people in Qingniu Mountain in time,Believe that this orderly person will not allow the Tu Guo army to enter Runyu City。”Hu Bailing said at this moment。
“Times of Day,Should be enough,Let’s go find the evil star dragon,You stay in the city,If not able to find it,Just abandon Runyu City,Stay in the green hills。”Zhu Minglang said to Hu’s brother and sister。
Hu Jiajun is naturally the most persistent to Runyu City,They want to rebuild their home。
I wish Minglang is okay here,It’s not something you can’t give up,If the overall situation is set,It’s nothing to let Tu Guo,Really can’t do,Stay away,Wait for the right time,It’s okay to capture this city again。
“Yep,We understand,Rest assured that we will not make meaningless sacrifices,It’s you,If you really want to go to the ruins,But be careful。”Hu Chongming said。
According to some clues brought back by Hu Chongming,Li Xinghua began to search for the ancient ruins hidden in this Runyu City。
Prophet is not omnipotent,Something you want to know,It’s like a broken puzzle in the divine sense of the prophet,Find more relevant fragment clues,Piece them together,The more accurate the information。
The news provided by Hu Chongming is particularly critical,This narrows the search for the prophet,The location of the ancient crack can also be deduced through some previous small summons。
“Are you sure it is here?”Zhu Minglang asked。