This……Yun Qiyao’s body,There are not only five big stones,This chest,There are many in the abdomen,Jingpu is a little confused,What kind of demon is Yun Qiyao?,Is it a monkey demon?,It has something to do with Monkey King or Murphy??

Why is this body full of stones???
Or to be precise,That’s not a stone,It’s just that Jingpu doesn’t know what to call,Call it a stone first。
But now the cause can be determined,And after that stitch is effective,Jingpu put the needle again,Don’t care about the inside of the chest,Seal the five big ones first。
As for whether it can be better,Jingpu is not sure,But at least,Can protect Yun Qiyao from accident,More precisely,You can protect yourself from the collapse of this yard everywhere。
Jingpu started getting the needle seriously,Watching Jingpo’s serious look not far away,Lingju’s eyes are a little hopeful,Lovely。
senior,What is really good……
It’s so peace of mind to be with seniors,Nothing seems to be a problem……
Two minutes later,Jingpu straightened up,While packing the acupuncture bag,While looking at the black-clothed old man who was already staring next to him:
“It’s over。”
It’s over??
The old man in black was taken aback,So fast??
Subsequently,The old man in black looked at Yun Qiyao who was lying quietly on the table.,Somewhat confused:
“But senior……Miss, she has no response……”
Jingpu curled his mouth,Looking at the old man in black:
“Can you pull it right after eating??”
Old man in black:“……”