Heard a loud knock on the door,Xia Qiuping thought something happened,Rush out from the kitchen to open the door,“Aunt,Who are you looking for,Did you knock on the wrong door??”

Liu Shuqin didn’t answer either,Reach out and push Xia Qiuping away,Rushed into the house and scolded,“Xia Shuyue, this shameless woman,Seduce my family Ye Boping,Made him divorce,And now pester other men,Shameless,I bother!”After scolding, I didn’t forget to spit on the ground。
Wang Sulian came out of the bathroom,I saw Ye Boping’s mother,Completely confused,It was fine yesterday morning,Also said I like my daughter,To get them married,Why did you turn your face and deny you today?。
Xia Qiuping,I knew it was Ye Boping’s mother,She is not a fuel-efficient lamp,Yelled at her immediately,“Your old man eats a lot early in the morning, right,What kind of wild ran to other people’s house?”
Liu Shuqin spit on the ground again,“I bother,Other people’s home?This is Ye Boping’s house,Is my son’s wedding room,You guys get out!”
Xia Qiuping fainted when she heard it,I didn’t expect that this house actually belonged to Ye Boping,She lived in this house when she first came to see her sister in the provincial capital,Second time,It’s another simple bungalow,Come again this time,Xia Shuyue moved here again。
Although I don’t know what the specific situation is like,But Xia Qiuping knew,My sister is not someone who likes to take advantage of others,Since she can live here,Naturally have her reasons。
and so,She questioned Liu Shuqin loudly,“Don’t just keep talking,Since it’s your son’s house,Call him right away,Make things clear in front of the gong and the drum,I want to see who owns this house!”
Liu Shuqin is angry,I don’t care what Xia Qiuping said,Continue your own scolding war,“Your Xia Shuyue is too shameless,With my son,Still pregnant with someone else’s child,to disgasing,Not obedient to women,At first seduce my son,Depends on his money,Now that my son is divorced,No more oil and water,To pester other men!。”
I heard Liu Shuqin and stopped talking about the house,Xia Qiuping understands that this house may not belong to Ye Boping,Roar loudly,“Since your son has no money,Why are you still with your son?get out,Get out。”
Wang Sulian sees Xia Qiuping too fiercely,Thinking about Xia Shuyue’s loss,A little sorry,Tucked the sleeve of the eldest daughter gently,Sign her to say a few words。
Xia Qiuping doesn’t care,Turn around and ask Wang Sulian,“mom,What are you talking about?This kind of unreasonable old lady kicked her out as early as possible。”After speaking, he directly pushed Liu Shuqin out with his hands.。
Liu Shuqin was forced out,Don’t stop,Continue to slap the door loudly,Beat the mountain,Xia Qiuping pulls Wang Sulian on the sofa,TV on,Turn the volume to maximum,“Ignore her!”
Liu Shuqin also heard the TV sound outside,Feel more uncomfortable,Tired,Just pointed at her door and continued to scold,“Your Xia Shuyue can’t die,Still sitting in my son’s car,Going out sooner or later and being run over by a truck!”
Xia Qiuping can’t bear anything bad,But I heard the curse sister,She can’t be angry,Open the door and scold Liu Shuqin,“go away,Leave far away,If you like scolding, go to the road to scold,Can scold for a day!”Slammed the door。
Liu Shuqin still refuses to leave,Sitting in the corridor and scolding alone for half an hour,No one really challenged,boring,Tired too,Finally groaned underground。
I heard that there was finally no movement outside,Wang Sulian stroked her chest,“Damn,This noisy,This person,Came yesterday,Not like this,Looked very polite,Talking and smiling。”