How to do four fast and effective methods

How to do four fast and effective methods

The stiff neck is a common disease that occurs in young adults.

The common onset of the stiff neck is that there is no symptom before going to sleep, but after the morning, I feel the obvious soreness behind the item, causing the activity to change.

So what about the pillow?

How to quickly treat the stiff neck?

Here are four tricks for everyone, simple and quick, and take a look.

The cause of the stiff neck is a muscle sprain such as a poor nighttime sleep posture, the head and neck are extended to an excessively excessive position; or the pillow is placed too high, too low or too stiff during sleep, causing the head and neck to be overextended or overflexible, causing neck muscle tensionThe cervical facet joints are twisted and twisted, and the static damage occurs immediately at the time, so that the muscles of the injured muscles are not strong, the blood and blood are not running smoothly, the local pain is relieved, and the movement is obviously aggravated.

It is affected by the cold, such as when it is cold, and it is cold in the summer, so that the blood of the cervical vertebrae is stagnant, and the tendons are blocked, resulting in stiff pain and unfavorable action.

The fatigue caused clinical statistics to find that patients with stiff neck were associated with qi deficiency caused by overdraft of the body every day.

Chinese medicine believes that “qi is the handsome of blood”, when the gas can not promote blood running, it will inevitably feel the cold evil, will inevitably lead to stiff neck.

Method 1 to relieve neck pain in the neck, simple exercise 1

Put the left or right hand, food, ring finger together, find the tender point in the correction of pain (more in the sternocleidomastoid muscle, trapezius muscle, etc.), from light to heavy press for about 5 minutes, you can alternate between left and right hands.

Use a small fish from the top to the bottom, from the bottom to the top and quickly hit two minutes or so.

Use your thumb and forefinger to pinch the left and right wind pool points, shoulder hole for 1-2 minutes 4 .

Press the thumb or forefinger to press the occipital cavity (between the 2nd and 3rd metacarpals of the back of the hand, 5 points after the metacarpophalangeal joint), and continue for 2-3 minutes when the acid is felt.

Finally, the head is adjusted to bend forward, backward, left and right, and rotate. This action should be carried out slowly. The force should not be too strong to prevent the stiff neck. The main attention should be paid to the sleeping posture and the pillow should not be too high.

Second, the massage Neiguan acupoint Neiguan point is located on the flexion of the forearm, the wrist is horizontally two inches, between the long palm tendon and the radial flexor tendon.

The main effect of Neiguan is to calm the nerves, soothe the liver and stomach, and relieve pain.

Method of operation: First, the operator first cuts the thumb of his right thumb, and then the operator holds the back of the affected side with his left hand, and becomes a proper flexion of the wrist. Braking relaxes the tendon of the wrist flexor muscle of the wrist.

Immediately, the right index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger 4 fingers were placed on the back side of the Neiguan acupoint. The thumb pressed the Neiguan acupoint to force the patient to feel the upper limbs, shoulders and body with acid, sinking and sleepy feelings.

Third, hot packs use hot water bottles, electric stoves, hot towels and infrared bulbs to apply analgesic effect.

Care must be taken to prevent burns.

Fourth, paste ointment hurts the painkiller cream, swelling and pain relief sound placed on the pain, replace it once a day, the pain relief effect is ideal, but the patient’s self-infected paste after the activity is limited, pregnant women hanged.

How to prevent the stiff neck 1.

To choose a healthy pillow, improper use of the pillow is one of the reasons for the occurrence of the stiff neck.


Care should be taken to avoid bad sleep postures, such as prone to turn the head and neck; when there is extreme fatigue, there is no lying position to sleep; the head position is not correct, excessive flexion or extrusion.


Be careful to avoid getting cold, blowing and raining. When you sleep at night, you must cover the quilt, especially the shoulder quilt on both sides, or use a sweater to surround the two sides, so as not to be cold when sleeping, so that the wind and cold evil invade the neck and shoulders and cause qi and blood.Stagnation, the venous damage and the onset.


Pay attention to the balance of diet, reasonable mix of vegetarians, vitamins, trace elements, calcium foods, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products and soy products.


It is necessary to exercise in moderation, especially in the cervical spine, such as the “meter” exercise, which is an alternative to the alternative exercise.