Now in minutes, he wants to pick up his fist.!

But still still endure!
After all, save their boss is the most important thing.!
Just talking,Matai altar is lying in bed,Suddenly the limbs began to twitch,Face is pale。
“Come to doctors,Our boss seems to be fine.……”
“I go,I said that I am coming.。”
“You,You,Dead horse as a living horse doctor。”
A wave of twists,Xu Tian arrogant was pushed by the bodyguard to the Mahuaimei。
He took his hand in the radial artery of the patient according to the system’s tips.。
Instantaneous moment on the pulse,He closed his eyes。
System page Raised loading……
The text of the screen in front of him begins to change!
“Patient Mathematal,Complaint1Hour。”
“Diagnostic is diabetic ketoacidosis。”
“Treatment opinion,Suggest fast replenishment!Small dose of insulin treatment!”
I go,Cow。
Xu Tianjiao looks at the main complaint and diagnosis of the system.,The spirit suddenly shakes it。
Now it seems,This medical god system is the ability to automatically obtain the patient’s complaints and diagnosis!
And also provide a treatment plan?!
Xu Tianjiao looks at the above-mentioned constantly loaded words and diagnosis,Although it is sufficient to be surprised……
But still forcibly stabilizing!
After all, he is also a person who has seen a big scene.,I think of the blamed bird in the world.。
Everything in front of you is not enough.。
“Nurses sister,Trouble and prepare to continue。”
Xu Tianjiao’s voice echoed in an emergency room。
Nurses who have not dare to act rashly, after hearing, after he wants to continue to make up,Stunned。
“Still?”She is a little suspicion of Xu Tianjiao。
Before, even if Feng Xiaoyi heard Xu Tianjiao.,Make up100lPhysiological saline into,As a result, the Mahua Terminal is directly twitching.。
At this time, the black bodyguard has a eye of Xu Tianjiao.,Some questioned his ability:“Your kid also gives me a mess.?Just even if you let the salt water,youtIs it too miserable??”
“Patient is diabetic ketoacidosis,You must believe me,It’s now necessary for treatment now.。”