“Based on these mutant animals,Do not,The power of monsters、speed,From high to low, it is divided into nine level monsters to level one monsters,Although we currently only find monsters up to level 6,But we dissect the monster,Analyze its bodyRRThe distribution of antibodies is considered,There are at least three unknown levels on the known level six monsters。”

“Level one to three monsters,Are still in the category that ordinary light weapons can kill,Of course, level one monsters can be killed with any automatic weapon,But level 3 monsters must use special military firearms。And for monsters up to level 4,Ordinary firearms are no longer a threat to them,You must use large-caliber artillery to kill。Once a monster above level 4 escapes into the city,For now, we don’t have much to deal with,The only way,Just send those same‘evolution’Warriors go to kill the monsters。”
“Evolutionary,This is a tentative title,Refers toRRPropelled by the evolution of viruses,Physical strength bursts more than900kg,Faster than25Crowd of meters per second。People above this level in strength and speed,The increase in body strength will be very fast,And obey with strength1400kg,Speed is30Normal distribution centered on meters per second。We also divide the evolvers from high to low according to strength and speed, from nine to one.。”
“But the situation is not optimistic,The evolutionaries are also the weakestGLevel sumH。Although most professional martial artists before them,Soldiers and athletes,Most of them have strong fighting skills,But lack of suitable assault weapons。in contrast,Monsters have minions,Currently the highest yield strength,Weapons made of alloy steel with higher hardness,It’s suitable for use by a fourth-level fighter。But I believe,The scariest creature on earth must be our terrifying upright ape!(╬ ̄Dish ̄)=○”
“2015year5month4day,Labor Day just ended。I said the location of our laboratoryXX(Black out)Is a wrong choice。Yesterday, a spider crab with its head at least eight meters wide broke into the laboratory outside,He was shot by the guard for a long time before he died,We lost two people。。。And I don’t like seafood。”
“2015year5month11day,This paragraph is a suicide note,Follow the offensive of the sea monster,I don’t think it will last tomorrow。Only say the important things once,RRThe virus seems to be consciously promoting evolution,The current situation of the earth is irreversible anyway,Don’t think about anythingRRDeciphered serum of virus antibodies,Unrealistic。Or vice versa,RRThis time the virus is also a step in the evolution of human civilization。we discover,Even non-evolved,The physical fitness of ordinary humans has also improved rapidly,And this evolution,Works on genes。This evolution is completely heritable,And the evolutionary genes are more evolutionarily superior,Their next generation will be stronger。”
“This evolution will follow inheritance,Stability from generation to generation,Update,Stronger!This evolution is not just the evolution of the body in the ordinary sense,The human brain also evolved,Human beings will become stronger、More agile、Also smarter!In the future, if someone can move objects by will,I won’t be surprised。。。Of course the pessimistic is,The same with monsters。”
“all in all,Humans must win this evolutionary competition,This is a war,It’s like the battle between dragons and beasts in the Permian Synagogue and Sauriformes,Pleistocene Neanderthals and Homo sapiens have the same human orthodox struggle,Is the struggle for the right to life of species。only,The enemy this time,All other creatures!In this battle,Humans have no mercy,No sympathy,Don’t need these。If we lose, the species will die,Human end times!Won,Is the great nirvana of mankind!”
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Chapter 10 The War Between Man and Monster
JJcity,JXProvince can also be included in the top three cities,inRRBefore the virus,Also has a population of 5 million,Although far less prosperous than the first-tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou,The market can be considered lively。
But at the moment,On the most prosperous street,No one is gone。Instead, it’s a trail of blood,There are scattered parts of broken limbs。
“JJcity,Too close to Pohu。”Head Leng sitting in the car said to Li Ming:“You know Pohu too,The first and second freshwater lake in the world,Second only to Beihai Lake。There are a lot of animal species inside,Is the largest wetland reserve。。。After animal mutation,Becomes a reminder。A large number of frogs、Fish monster、Snake monster、And crazy attacks by crocodile monsters,Fortunately, the retired General Hu led people to block these monsters,Delayed until the army arrived,Cleaned up most of the monsters。But there are some fish that slip through the net,And they are all pretty good!”
Li Ming nodded to express understanding,At the same time the dagger in his hand flew out of the window。
“Quack!”The size of a grinding disc,Bulging eyes and fist size。Full body bulge on back,The body of a huge frog monster hidden under a manhole cover is penetrated,Direct blood and internal organs。
“good eyesight!”Head Leng exclaimed,“This frog-like monster,Be regarded asJJThe most common and common monster in the city。They are relatively easy to deal with,The volume is not too big,It’s hard to attack humans。If many residents kill the giant frog,,You can have a good meal。。。But other types of monsters are not so easy to deal with,Whether it’s a snake monster,Or a crocodile monster,None is easy to deal with。”
“expensive!”A loud voice came from the air。A huge white bird swept across the sky。
Obviously a bird,But with scales that resemble a lizard,Under the tail,Blast a car。