“Anan,Pick up,otherwise,Wait for a while,You don’t let you kneel down.。”

Xu Jinghe Xie smiled。
Gu Anan glanced at him.,Reach the phone to answer the phone。
She tries to keep the sound smoothly。
And Xu Jinghe deliberately creates a voice that Gu An’an is embarrassed.。
“Gu Anan,You haven’t gone home for a few days.?”
The opposite Lu Haokai came from anger.。
Gu An An imaginary speech,Xu Jinghe’s bad smile laugh,It’s milesty to move.。
Gu Anan’s mobile phone almost fell.。
She knows Xu Jinghe is deliberately,This man,at this moment,Fully played his good heart and defeating another man’s stimulus。
“What kind of sound is your side??”
Lu Haokai asked。
Gu An An Angry:“You are still good to think about me.,You don’t go home,What is I got home?,Do you let me go back alone??”
Say,She hangs on the phone,Lift powder punch,How to take a few times。
“hehe”Xu Jinghe smiled proudly。
And the other side,Gu Jia also traced the company’s accounts because of a few billion。
Gu Yi Lin is busy stepping。
On the other side, we must worry about your sister.。
Noon,Gu Yi Lin is not too late to have lunch,I drove all the way to the Lu Group to see Blue Xin.。
Lan Xin has already taken lunch in the office.,Working。
But look at the computer for a long time,She didn’t look in a word.。
Computer word,Will ill videochemumes, Lu Hao, gentle smile。
Ning Feifei has something to go to the factory,There is only her one in the office.,Suddenly someone knocking the door,Slowly pulling back her attention,Her voice hoarse:“Come in。”
Gu Yi Lin pushed the door。
“Small memory。”
Looking at the pale face,Painful double,His heart is hurting.。
Blue Xinyi is two brothers,I know that he is worried that he has come over.。
“Two brother。”
She called a sound,The sound is also very weak。
She is not good.,A sound,Have a deep pain in her dull voice,Gu Yi Lin’s throat,A uncomfortable。
“Small memory,Why don’t you take a break??”
Gu Yi Lin looked at her distressed。
Blue Xinxi,But some laugh,Looking at the servant of his dust,Face is not very good,This time,Gu Jia also accidentally,Different brothers are also heart intention。
“Two brother,You have already,I just have something to tell you.,You are sitting。”
“it is good!”
Gu Yi Lin sat opposite her desk。