Tao Wanliang doesn’t know that Li Hui Feng is really trying to explore him or fake.。

But at this time, Li Hui Feng is what he feels most important.。
“no,no,You said so much.,If I let this help this boy rebellion,Then, my village is still improper.,You come back with me.,This will give you。”
Say,Peach rolls also pulled Li Hui Hui Hui。
Then glanced on the villagers below a circle。
Directly clear:“Now I don’t want to say more.,Time to give you a day,Tomorrow, we will meet again.,Agreement,Just send the signing consent to let people use the land,Stand up to standing without agree,I will say it first.,There is an disagree,Will not work,This is the land of everyone.,okay,Ok, deal。”
Finish,Peach rolls directly let the break。
Li Hui’s face is speechless。
“uncle,This is your solution?”
“Yup,Do not worry,If they are not stupid,I will definitely agree tomorrow.,Uncle takes you to see how the pig farm is?”
Li Huihe heard this,Laugh:“never mind,The vegetable factory on my side has just been running these days.,I have to stare at it.。”
Talking to the peach for a while,Li Hui quickly went back.。
Come to the new production workshop,Li Hui Feng also found Han Shanshan。
“Big squad leader,Equipment Repair,Work and those processes,Does Feng Dado get it??”
“Um,Basically,However, some parts need to import,And those imported parts are not very good。”
One heard this,Li Hui is also laughing.。
These don’t worry,Did those people of the United States left??
“gone,The production line is good for the next day.,People are gone,You give people some tips,I am angry with you.。”
“Hey-hey,Who let them hide,If the big square teaches us to repair technology,Still useful??”
Chapter 1,384 meditation
“okay,You said that when the production line, it is not your ghost.?”
“It’s just!But isn’t this??”
For this matter,Li Hui Feng knows that it is concealed that it is concealed.,Even if Han Shanshan doesn’t ask,Feng You should also know。
“OK, you,Enough,Actually, this kind of thing that kills the enemy, one thousand, and the eight hundred things can be dried out.。”
“I am not,That eight hundred they also picked me.,And I have learned their things.,How do I say that I am earning?。”
Li Hui said this,I feel some feelings in my heart.。
Why didn’t he think that such a production line will be blocked by others?。
At the same time, he also understands the discourse of the science,Into the root is deceived.。
Scientific border,Scientists are national。
“okay,you are awesome,In a few days, you have to come back with me.,My dad reminds me to find an object.!”
“Forehead,The things of the tricks were poked.?”
Hear Han Shanshan this,Li Hui has responded in the first time.。
“Do you say??
My dad is not a fool。”
“Forehead,Then you let me go back with you.,This is not good.!”
Li Hui’s Some I don’t know how it is good.。
“willing,willing,But then go back, you can do it.,Otherwise it is not good to deceive it.。”
I listened to Li Hui Feng said that the fake play truthfully,Han Shanshan’s beautiful face is also the shame of the horse.。