Li Tianzhen only frowned slightly,But didn’t think much,The two traveled five or six miles,The valley is getting narrower,He suddenly sensed a wave of mental power in the distance,Fleeting,Extremely cunning,Seems to be peeping here,Very like Zhang Zhiqiang,but‘Big earthworm’Resolutely deny,“That’s not it,I also sensed the mental power fluctuations of several other magicians,But it does not rule out that it already knows we are coming。”

“indeed。”Li Tianzhi also discovered,There are as many as five or six supernatural powers,He was surprised,In this world,Except for him and Zhang Zhiqiang,The only practitioners with magical powers are Qingyun and Baiyun Daochang,The rest are clones of the old blood demon,It’s almost destroyed,Why would there be so many supernatural powers at once?But the world is big,All odds,Is it because I am ignorant?
“Are you sure Wu Fang is still in the valley??”Li Tianzhen suddenly had a bad feeling,He smelled blood,Although if there is nothing,But it’s hard to escape the capture of his perception。
“Yes,He asked me to take Xu Wen away first,Said there are still things left。”
“Don’t move,wait for me。”Li Tianzhen looked up at the towering tower、Steep cliff,Suddenly broke free of Shen Yingjie,Quickly perfuse vitality,He took a deep breath,Feishi grabbed onto a raised rock,Then use both hands and feet,Climbing up the almost vertical cliff wall like an ape,Faster and faster,It turned into a black spot in the blink of an eye。
In a dangerous place,Li Tianzhen did not dare to leave the body to explore,The little golden man’s guardian is extremely unreliable,Can only use stupid methods。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Forty Seven Remnant soul
Li Tianzhen quickly climbed to the top of the cliff,A panoramic view of the valley floor,He saw the huge rock formation ahead,Should have stopped exercising,But the black rock squeezed into the big bend of the valley,Densely packed、Layers,With the winding trend of the canyon,Swimming like a thick black python,I can’t see my head at a glance,Very spectacular。
Not far away, there are tall and steep peaks blocking the view,The head of the giant described by Shen Yingjie cannot see the full outline,But Li Tianzhen can already see the faint glow in the distance,There should be above the so-called temple。
There is no suspicious person nearby,The terrain here is too complicated,Even if I sensed the existence of supernatural powers just now,I can’t find the other party just by sight,Unless there is a fight or other unusual actions between them。
Observe the surrounding terrain again,Li Tianzhen found that there was no shortcut,Even if he can get past,Shen Yingjie couldn’t pass either,I can’t say I still have to go through the Grand Bend,See the stone army。
Li Tianzhen climbed down from the top of the cliff with both hands and feet,From top to bottom,Together with observing the terrain,It’s at most one or two cigarettes,Shen Yingjie was stunned,This guy didn’t use any climbing tools,Fully freehand climbing,Better than monkeys。