People’s Forum Ruity | Retirement Basic Pension Welcomes "17 Continental"

The 53rd, the Ministry of Human and Social, and the Ministry of Finance recently issued the "Notice on Adjusting the Basic Pension of Adjustment of Retirees in 2021", which is clearly up-regulated by the 2021 retirees. "17 Rise.

This adjustment will continue to take the adjustment of quota adjustment, hook adjustment and appropriate tilt, and reflect "more" "long-paid" incentive mechanisms, while ensuring the social fairness. And appropriate tilt care of retirees in the long side of the remote area.

  In recent years, my country’s national economy has continued to grow, and urban and rural residents’ income continue to increase. Retreating the basic pension of retirees is an important way to make retirees to share economic development results. It is also the vivid manifestation of "people centered", which is conducive to ensuring the quality of life of retirees, and can reduce the support of young people to a certain extent. Stress, thereby improving the feelings and happiness of the people. All localities should formulate specific implementations according to their actual implementation, and take effective measures to strengthen the payment of pension insurance funds to ensure that basic pensions have been issued on time, and they are effectively "escorted" for retirees.

  (Text / Zhao Hui Comics / Zhao He).