Anshun Power Supply Bureau: For the first time, 10 kV medium pressure generators do not stop power

The Anshun Power Supply Bureau used 10 kV medium pressure generators to carry out the construction of the ring network cabinet upgrade and renovate the construction, and the residents were used normally electricity. Zengqing’s photo "Some ring network cabinets in the urban area have a longer period of life, there is a certain safety hazard, so we plan to carry out operations, gradually replace these old ring network cabinets as smart ring network cabinets." According to the Southern Power Grid Anshun Power Supply Bureau City Branch Project Manager Ouyang, Ouyang, introduced that in order to further improve the reliability of the city, through digitization, information, intelligent equipment, and the Anshun Power Supply Bureau invest more than 3,700 yuan, and upgrade 67 ring cabinets in the city. Renovation. "Reconstruction requires power-on cooperation, according to the original technology to carry out tarpaulic, 12 emergency generators, 16 guarantees and technical personnel can complete, now only 2 capacities of 1000kW can be easily realized Zhou Xin, General Manager of the Power Center, the Southern Power Network Anshun Power Supply Bureau. On the day of the 24th, after the on-site survey and electricity load calculation, the bureau passed the non-power-on operation method, and the two 10 kV medium pressure generated charges were incorporated into the end of Longjing cabinet, No. 4 Longjing cabinet, No. 4, Longjing cabinet. Forward, 8 transformer table are powered.