[Can you drink coffee during menstruation]_Coffee_Menstruation_Can you drink it?

[Can you drink coffee during menstruation]_Coffee_Menstruation_Can you drink it?

For women friends, although menstruation is not a normal physiological phenomenon, they should pay more attention to their diet, etc. You can add a small amount of coffee to alleviate various discomfort caused by menstruation, but you must not overdo it, or it will increase blood flow.

In addition, in the case of stomach pain and diarrhea, coffee cannot be consumed.

First, the benefits of drinking a small amount of coffee during menstruation Coffee contains excessive caffeine. When the menstrual cramps occur, the internal environment of the body will change to a certain extent. At this time, a small amount of caffeine can alleviate the discomfort of girls during menstruation.

Caffeine has the effect of stimulating the central nervous system and muscles, so it can revitalize the mind, enhance thinking ability, and restore muscle fatigue.

Acting on the cardiovascular system, it can improve heart function, relax blood vessels and promote blood circulation.

Second, when it ‘s not easy to drink coffee, you ca n’t have a cup of coffee at any time. During some special physiological periods of a woman, you must quit coffee. During menstruation, pregnancy, and lactation, coffee has a central and cardiovascular effect.Excitement can cause excessive menstrual flow, increased pain, and increased risk of miscarriage.

In addition, sisters with weak gastrointestinal function must do their best, especially do not drink coffee on an empty stomach, because coffee has a certain stimulating effect on digestion, diarrhea and stomach pain will occur?
Third, the most suitable coffee time. About 1/6 people around the world have a good habit of drinking a cup of black coffee every morning. More and more Chinese are beginning to accept such an exotic product.

It is best to have a cup of black coffee for breakfast and afternoon tiredness, which can promote metabolism and digestive system functions, but also refreshing, improve attention and memory, and double your work efficiency!

It is best not to be greedy after 5 pm, otherwise insomnia may come to your door?