Hum!Hum!The bee colony that was resting was disturbed,They fluttered into the air one after another。

The first group of flying soldiers appeared in the swarm territory,They fanned around,See the swarms of bees flying up,The soldiers are not alarmed,Instead, he took off the flamethrower on his shoulders.。
More than a dozen high-temperature flames crossed in mid-air,Formed a fire net,Overwhelmed。
The dark poisonous bee rushing to the front was burned by the cross fire net,Scorched all over immediately,Direct carbonization,Fall to the ground。
The soldiers laughed,The ejector in my hand is playing more vigorously。
This is expected,Those primitive creatures,How could it be able to resist the high temperature jet?Unless you have a force field defense with a defense level above six,It is possible to survive in the flames。
At this moment,The tank below also slowly entered the battlefield,Ten tanks in a row,Boom admission,Extraordinary momentum。
Those two hundred soldiers,Follow closely behind the tank,Use the tank as a cover,Constant speed。
Saw the poisonous bees flying all over the sky,They raised their electromagnetic guns one after another,Hit whatever you want,Can hit the target。
“attack!Into their lair!This bug must have a larva and a mother,Just catch the biggest and smallest!”The commander of the 19th Battalion yelled。
The soldiers around are all showing off,Morale is high,Confident。
after all,This is a battle without suspense,Use high-tech weapons to fight these primitive creatures of the barbaric age,It seems that there are no variables。
Only one touch,The dark poisonous bee colony suffered a heavy blow,Their number dropped sharply by a third,The sky full of fire,Plus ground attack,Under the double blow,Make them like headless flies,Flying around,Out of order。
Only a few dark poisonous bees can pass through the gaps in the firepower web,Charge to those flying soldiers who can breathe fire。
but,Their tail needles cannot pierce the hard armor of flying,It can only repel the opponent。