“The fish was caught in the lake,But I didn’t meet her in the lake,Is at your window。”

“You peeping!”Gan Xiaoxiao regrets speaking out,Calm down:“Didn’t you peek at her??”
“She was looking at me from the window,I just saw her。”Teenager a little unhappy。
The waiter brought some side dishes,The two stopped talking,Soon,Xu Wan brought the steak personally,Gan Xiaoxiao followed out。
“You said the yard at the foot of the mountain belongs to his house,Isn’t that a girl?Could it be that I saw his sister or younger sister?”
“He is alone in his family。”Gan Xiaoxiao bitterly。
“That really wronged him,I just thought it was a girl。”Xu Wan laughed lightly,Didn’t take it seriously,“okay,what expression,Don’t you think of him as a girl?,No big deal。”
“You don’t understand the situation,he……”Gan Xiaoxiao did not continue,“Forget it,Really no big deal,You busy you。”
Gan Xiaoxiao returned to the private room,The boy is putting the last piece of meat into his mouth,“good to eat,10 more meats like this。”
“A steak168,Can you eat ten servings?”It’s not that she loves money,It’s just that I’m not happy to see the boy look like he takes it for granted。
“I have five servings,Take five copies,Give me ten more bowls of rice,I will take it home too。”
“I have rice at home,Give you as much,Take it back from here……”Hurriedly speaking,Gan Xiaoxiao regrets it,Juvenile loses childhood memories,Doesn’t it mean that there is a problem with the brain。
Communication is so difficult!