It turned out that I fell in love with Mr. Hu’s secretary,It’s better than eating with his uncle!

Suo Yi patted Xiao Yu on the shoulder。
Left with the secretary!
“I thought I could eat a meal with you……”
Out of the bank。
Li Yan joked。
“I can treat……Mainly because I ate too oily yesterday,Do you mind if I order some vegetarian dishes??”Fang Yu slowly said。
“Then I’m welcome!”
Li Yan continued。
immediately,They came to a restaurant nearby。
“You order whatever!”
Fang Yu passed the menu to Li Yan,Slowly。
“Refreshing person……But I can’t eat much……”
Li Yan ordered some main dishes,Made some more side dishes。
leftover,Fang Yu is the master!
After Fang Yu ordered,Li Yan curiously said:“Mind telling me,Why did you suddenly want to invest?It’s not good for you to be a doctor?