In the Temple of Five Elements,The guardian was beaten by his palace lord,This is something Henggu didn’t have,I was beaten so badly,This is completely self-inflicted。

But I don’t know why,The guardian just looks down on such a hairless boy,I always thought that the Holy Spirit passed the mantle to this child when he was about to die,Is the only failure in the fame,The Five Elements Palace does not see this on the surface,Give such a huge foundation to a baby,It really can’t understand。
and so,Bewitched by big eyes,The guardian’s dissatisfaction with the boy grew stronger,Even turned into hatred,Privately adjust the formation in the Five Elements Temple,Disturb the fusion of the young man’s memory of the Holy Spirit,Cause very serious memory loss,Even the failure of the rebirth of the Holy Fire Temple,All this is its handwriting。
If not for the mysterious place,The roots of these conspiracies suffered by teenagers,Except for Huo Tianzun,No one else can find out,Not even the Golden Crow Sacred Palace。
And the guardian never dreamed,There is a big connection between the mysterious place and the boy,The terrible white smoke is terrible,Directly blasted the spirit attached to the big eyeball hidden on the edge of its soul。
What the guardian shouldn’t be,After the spirit is eliminated,Its consciousness and thinking are already clear,But he has to put on a stinky temper,So the boy beat it up,Where is the four punches enough,Within the next few breaths,The boy blasted out seven or eight punches one after another,The guardian was beaten like a gossamer,I can’t even tell Rao,The teenager is also tired a little away,Sit cross-legged and pant。
“Think about it,Dissatisfied,I came back and beat!”The boy suddenly thought of something,Dare not delay,Quickly got up and left the hall。
The boy rushed into the mysterious place again,Qiu Kejian told him,On the premise of life-saving,As long as you can stay in it,In order to vent bad anger,He almost forgot about it。
Coming to Xiaotan for the seventh time,Young people always feel that the surrounding scenery is a little different,But I can’t tell the specific details,The colorful stone is naturally gone,I didn’t even see the big nails。
The first six times,The teenagers are fighting against the pool,Finally threw them out without exception,Although the harvest is not small,But still didn’t get what he wanted,It’s the soil that the big eyeball once said,This time he wants to go up the mountain。
The mountains are not high,Snow white like jade,Like thousand-year-old ice on the ice field,Actually these substances are not ice,Look quiet,Very elegant,Actually furious,Big eyeball said,These are chaotic matter,Is the most primitive matter in this universe。
Although the teenager does not believe in evil,But also frightened,Secretly plan,Once you can’t bear it,Jumped directly into the pool,Anyway, he fell in six times in a row,Familiar with the road。
Bypass the waterhole to the foot of the mountain,The boy chose a gentle slope,Try it out,I found it was not as scary as I thought,So a lift,Force your feet,Climbing up quickly。
Nothing unusual in the first few dozen steps,No difference from pedaling on a rock with two feet,The top suddenly becomes steep,Teenager stretched out his left arm,Plan to use both hands and feet,Unexpectedly, my fingers haven’t caught the upper bulge,I heard the crisp sound of pong,The boy’s body was struck by lightning,Whole body spasms,Planted from the sky sobbing。
Puff,The teenager fell into the pool,Was quickly thrown out of the mysterious place like the previous six times。
The teenager slowly got up after a long time,The hit just now was not trivial,Even if it’s a frontal blow from the gods,He couldn’t tell which part of the body was the first one,In short,Confused,Was knocked down the hillside。
But such a heavy blow doesn’t seem to hurt the teenager’s roots,And sitting on the edge of a mysterious place,The recovery speed of his body functions is also very fast,Think about it,Still not convinced,The teenager got up again。
One thousand two hundred and fifty-six chapters Unexpected soil
The eighth time,Uphill,The teenager did not hesitate。
This time he chose the steepest,But the route closest to the top of the first mountain,Use both hands and feet,Fast climbing,The same is the sudden change of the mountain surface after dozens of steps,The raised part just grabbed by his hand is soft like cotton,I can’t take advantage of my whole body after flying under my feet。