Just in Li Hui Feng prepares two sentences,Then wait for the new year,A middle-aged woman in Lianhua Village has been laughing at Li Hui Feng.。

“Xiao Li,I heard that you have nothing to do.,Do you want to introduce you to you??
How is I bring a box of wine to send people??”
Seventh and 19th chapter
Li Hui is a little impression on the other party.。
What is the name of the other party, he doesn’t remember,But the other party before the cause of vegetables,He remembers clearly。
“Hey-hey,aunt,I have an object,Don’t introduce,And my object is full of big beauty。”
Li Hui said this,Zhao Xiaoli, one side is also crazy, with your fingers to stamp Zhao Xiaoling.。
“I have heard it.,You are still quite high in Xiao Li’s heart.,You actually don’t cherish,Still not take the initiative to find someone,I can tell you,Such a good youth, you miss it.,I have missed it in this life.。”
Zhao Xiaoli said like this,Zhao Xiaoling is also a bit。
She originally felt that Li paid to her.,But today Li Hui Feng’s words,I really made her have some different ideas.。
And the middle-aged woman who wants to introduce Li Hui Feng listened this.,The face is also not happy.。
Her purpose is to look at Li Hui’s two cars, and there is also a meat.。
After all, earn cheap and earn habits.,And the people in the village are actually a lot of hardships.,kind,Of course, this is the matter behind the villagers.。
Before everyone, I felt that Li was in the wind.。
“Little plum,The big lady first took a box and then went to break up.,Madai introduced you,It’s really not a big mother to find a small capital.。”
Say,She is ready to hold。
If it is,Li Hui said that it will really let the other person take away,But after experiencing the things of Liming rice fence,He is very open to some things.。
Also understand good to a person,Can not be good,That is only to raise enemies。
“Hey-hey,aunt,This wine is given to me.,And my wife is not anxious.,If you really like,I can sell it to you.,One hundred and five boxes,It is my purchase price.,It is basically more than 200 boxes outside.。”
Li Hui Feng although there is no blocking,But several workers who are guarded in front of the car are directly blocked.。
See this potential,Middle-aged woman is not happy,But Li Hui is directly ignored the other party.。
In the end, I muttered in my mouth and I left directly.。
For such a person Li Hui Hui also feels quite speechless,It’s really a good person.。
And his current position is not a good person.。
soon,People are basically all.,Li Hui Feng let Yang Iron will be responsible for their employees with Jin Xijie.,Then let the worker come over and sign the handprint to take things away.。
After the thing is issued,Li Hui Feng is a simple opening.,Then congratulate a bless word such as Happy New Year in advance。
Workers are not happy to get things.,Coupled with Li Hui’s congratulations, I am too happy, I don’t know what to say.。
After the meeting,Li Hui Hui also divided a few sets of cosmetics.。
Zhao Xiaoli is more expensive to Zhao Xiaoling,It is more than a thousand sets。
Liu Yufeng also sent a set。