Don’t say,It’s a bit reluctant to。

Liao Jie over white eyes:“Then I will change one,You have to say your truth,I promise to put on the pants and don’t recognize people.,Live your ancestral house,Championship your family,Once another paper, go out of the door.。”
Jade face princess corner pumping,The stinky bat is more calm than her imagination.,I thought it was a color embryo.,Give some sweetness。Never want to,Wretched face,There is also a thing that is currently sitting in trouble.。
Chapter 666 What you said is
Jade face princess dark road trick,Low head,Thinking how to reverse passive situation。
Liao Wenjie does not panic, not busy with small wine,Laugh:“In fact, you don’t say,How much can I guessed some?,Niu De Wang is not a way to occupy your property,Strong marry you,Under the dark, hurt your father, long lives……”
“You want to revenge for your father,The enemy is not a large number of death,I don’t want to be him small.,A suitable candidate for disaster removal is not found for a while,In the face of the king of the magical king,Can only choose to make a whole。”
“Surface refinement,Real algorithometer,Niu Deyan 3rd famous communication flower,Brothers friends all over the five lakes,A powerful brothers are more than a few。You have the appearance of closed moon,If it is a self-recommended pills, temptation,Not a few can resist your charm……”
“So,Brother is in the wall,Bowl of the devil’s power to fall,You also count for the father’s wish。”
“It’s just a plan to change.,The iron fan princess suddenly,You return,Decided to start with my honest people,right?”
Yucai Princess Silence,wrong,There are several things wrong.。
For example, long lives of fox king is the life of life.,There is no relationship with the King King.,Niu Deyang hits her idea,To be a funeral day,She wore a white。
also,She is forced to marry the king of the Niu Devil.,I want to toss the king of the king.,By vinegar through and iron fan,Let the Niu Deyou tasted her consequences。
Self-recommended pillow、Piece temptation to the devil king, a brother, what,Purely a prejudice for fox,If you can have a good life,The ghost is willing to become a day.、Lighter。
The fox is indeed a fox,But she is also a little woman,Also fantasy、Skill、Effection, a special like Lang Jun……
Unfortunately, I can only think about it.,You can not have it both ways,There is no such perfect wishful Lang Jun in the world.。
As for the wedding, Liao Wenjie was selected.,It is really a temporary,Can sickly,She is also willingly。
Never want to,Niu Deyan is evil, disgusting,She is indeed disgusting。
The princess of the jade is obsessed with Liao Wenjie.:“Husband,How do you say that you are also your wife?,Why do you dig hard??”
“how,I am wrong.?”
“Fu Jun is a smart person,What you said is。”Yucai Princess is deslud,Surridden explanation,Again,The fox is universal famous,All explanations will be used as a scil。
“Not me smart,But you are self-satisfied,Too stupid to others。”
This is a little hurt,Look at the beautiful part of the girl,Liao Wenjie makes up a sentence:“Ok, you are still young.,Another fox,Race value is futuristic,Give me more tuition,Can you only have to reordbound?。”
Jade face princess over white eyes,Sitting on the stool next to Liao Wenjie:“Since Fu Jun knows everything,That dares to marry me.,Not afraid of Niu Deyan and you turn your face?”
“Don’t say stupid.,One didn’t worship the world,I didn’t drink a cup of wine,Unknown,Where‘Marry’Say?”Liao Wenjie,Even feelings,At the moment, it is Little Liao.,He follows。
Jade face princess,It is her grass rate.,The early demon is not a good fortune.,At that time, the monkey was selected.。
“As for the face of the Niu Dey,A knife on the color,Princess has the appearance of the city,for you,What happened to and the Niu Deyan?。”
“Fu Jun is a sincere……”
“Small and honest,And gambling poison does not share this kind of thing,I have always said one,Never avoided。”