“Where does the young palace master say,After destroying the suppression formation and the mountain protection formation,Can still keep the nine Optimus pillars intact,It’s a very clever method,I’m lucky to be in the world,It shows that the Lord of the Palace and the Palace of the Golden Crow are kind。”

Li Tan is telling the truth,The flattery is just right,Seeing that the boy has no strange look,So continue,“More than 1,700 mouths of royal size,Already divided into three waves,Arranged in Wuwei Hall、Temporary residence in Nanwei Island and Qingtian Temple。”
“what?Why not closer、Convenient East、Sihua Island、Where’s Lingyun Pavilion?”Juvenile strange。
“Forgive Lee for his own opinion,The three islands are not closely related to the Temple of the Five Elements,It is also more convenient for the palace lord to find the foundation stones of each hall in the future。”
“Li Tianzun still thinks well。”Teenager nodded,I immediately understood Li Tan’s meaning,Once the Holy Fire Temple is resurrected,People on the Five Elements Island are naturally eager to find the cornerstones of other temples,Goldwind、Thick soil、Both Jumu and Yishui are not on the island where the royal family lives temporarily,So I avoided a lot of trouble,Secretly, once this person gets serious,Thoughtful and terrible。
“Mizan。and also,I already have God、Shenyan discussed,The succession ceremony is tentatively scheduled for the day after tomorrow,Place it on Nungwi Island?”
“also may,Li Tianzun can take care of it。”The teenager has no thoughts about these things,If it weren’t for the future, a nominal holy emperor would order the whole island,He is ready to abolish the entire royal family。
Three things that young people worry about right now,There is nothing to hide in front of the Golden Crow Sacred Palace and Li Tan。
One is,Find someone to look after the passage to the mainland ruins,So as not to be ruined by someone with ulterior motives,The second is to find a way to regenerate the Holy Fire Temple as soon as possible,The foundation stone of the holy fire to solve the trouble at hand,I can’t run around holding this thing。
The last one,Need a strong person to accompany the teenager to return to the mainland ruins,Area there、Resources are multiple times the free world,Although there are flaws,Also in danger of collapse,But it is the only place that can carry the transfer of people in the world。
But such a transfer is premised on not destroying the remains of the mainland,Therefore, it is necessary to have a visionary person to evaluate the carrying capacity,Li Tan is the best candidate,As for the big eyeballs,The teenager does not expect。
Li Tan,Take a peek at the Golden Crow Sacred Palace,Just replied,“Li immediately sent elites to station nearby,Jinwu Sacred Palace considered this matter more thoroughly,It has arranged a strong guardian,Can guarantee that the passage is temporarily unharmed。”
Teenager surprised,Looking towards the Golden Crow Palace,Swept around again,Suddenly remembered that the lava dragon that had been following by him was gone,I didn’t see this big shadow just now when I fought against Chihuo Feiyan.,So I went to garrison the passage。
The fighting power of the lava dragon is beyond doubt,Has already surpassed ordinary gods,The courage to fight against Tianzun,The fly in the ointment is the straightforward mind,Grumpy,But the current situation,Guarded by this foolish dragon,Is undoubtedly the best choice。
in this way,The boy is in a better mood。What he can think of,Golden Crow Sacred Palace can also think of,Of course it’s because they have had close spiritual communication between the two,Jinwu understands the mind of a teenager,More importantly, the thinking and reaction speed of the Golden Crow Sacred Palace is not inferior to Li Tan,This is the place where the youth can relax。
Do not know why,Sort by trust,Except for the existing Three Elders on the Five Elements Island,Golden Crow Sacred Palace is the person most trusted by young people,Secondly hard to say,But the trust in Li Tan surpasses the big eyeballs,This is both a red flag,It’s also the true mentality of a teenager。
“Within three days,I hope the affairs of the royal family are all over,Fourth morning,Li Tianzun set off with me。”