Respect face gradually turned cold,People in the world,Even flying up the upper bound,It is also possible to contact the lower bound,Liao Jie did not,Dictionary is not the people in this world,Yan Biai, this name is also fake.。

Material is not bad
Respect, the heart has guess,Drums:“Who is the donor?,But the field of outside the field?”
Liao Jie’s brain floated a series of question marks,Dark road is good,Obviously, his hopping is not advised.,Still being seen by the other party’s identity of the black household。
in addition,Outside the world, the world is literally,Or the unified name of the outside household?
if the latter one,His decisive recognition,If it is the former,After he put three times, he will still recognize it.,Mean,He came in, no peace,Is to grab resources。
Reach the party,Rational。
the other side,Respect face complex,Slowly:“Take the poverty in the five mountains,Trapped in bottlenecks,The heart of the magic is nourished to today’s disaster,What is the means?,Although it is displayed,Poor one should be taken,Even if you die, you will be self-take.。”
Liao Jie’s brain is another string of question marks.,This world is in the practice of this world,It seems that the brain is a bit abnormal。
Nor exclude,Respect is a special case,Only his brain is not normal。
“Since you don’t shoot,That is from the poor。”
Respect for Liao Jie’s doubts face,Mindish,Double-handed ten in the chest,And then pushed out。
With the respect of the respect,The air rolled like a wave,The wind whisker,Thunder is not only,Lock Liao Jie’s space,Put it down。
“Good palm,Master is really a master,This slap is a little for breaking the meaning.。”
Liao Jie nodded,Wat in front of you,Explosion space,Jump out of the palm blockade,Easy to avoid the attacker of respect。
“Come and not,I have a trick.,Sakyamo hit,Can’t learn,I also hope that the master is not a joke.。”Liao Jie mouth,Vertical。
Mean,He likes to come like to come to God.。
For example, this respect,I got up and gave him a label of the outside world.,It is lacking poison from society.,Since this,He is also happy with the beauty of adults。
Take a palm,Jin Guang,Unable to describe overbearing,In an earth-shattering sound explosion,The wild airflow rolling shocks all over the eight parties,And amplified in the eyes of the victory。
Not wrong,This palm is compassionate,Tell the truth,Although I didn’t use Shang Liaojie my own palm.,But he added a man with mustard,Sell,Pretending to be genuine。
At least,Deceive a lie。
as predicted,As Liao Jie wants to think,Conception of golden light,The whole person is stupid in the same place,Abba Bar,It’s actually forgot to break the hand.。
Ground movement,茫 云海 远 远 去,One mountain break outside the kilometer,Fault,Half-cut print is deep。
Respecting is embedded in it,The body is intact,Don’t see some scars。
One golden printed hovered in the top,Zhongguang bloom,Rotating method,Turtle shell defense is unbearable。
Wutai Mountain Town Mountain France Jinlong Buddha。
Maggao self-rescue,The winning wound is not hurt,But your friends are witnessed outside the world.,The impact on the soul is not much。
Liao Jie looked at the golden dragon around the layer,The mouth is slightly evoke:“Grandmaster,Calculate your luck,I am very eye-catching this person.,Especially like a German,Send you a mock,Have a good harvest。”
Respect,Heart rises incomparable crisis,Mana injection Jin Dragon Buddha,Variation of 100 meters Jinlong。
Windline,Attack and defense,Combining the wave of clouds in the distance。
Just respect the strongest defense,When you have a heart in my heart,He is in front of him,Liao Jie directly jumped over the dragon big array,Instantly move to him。
“Grandmaster,See my eyes。”
Respect for the consciousness,Suddenly see a pair of red eyes,The dark call,Which is too late,A pot of cold water poured in the heart,Rising fear。