Three "Pearls" dress Wuhan Dongxi Lake citizen enjoys "green" and "four season flowers"

Via river wetland park.

Chen Zhuo Xiang River Park showed the charm of ecological civilization and modern science popularity every weekend, the Tent of the River Park, picnic, and fishing tourists were endless.

"I didn’t expect my door to become a net red card.

"Guo Rui, House, Yongfengyuan Community, is a resident of the River Tongsheng. He introduced that he used to be a fish pond here. The park at home is a four-season scenery, many friends who live in Hankou and even Optics Valley, and weekends will meet the River Park.

The River Park is relocated, creating a variety of functions such as ecological protection, leisure recreation, wetland science, and sightseeing experience and country characteristics. The park has built four-stage theme landscape belt, namely art creative business segments, sports style vitality, citizens’ life and leisure sections and green ecological health sections. Its design concept has passed the three strategies of "ecological first, green weaving, gradual development", opened 12 km of the largest urban river watercutive coastline in Dongxihu District, and improved the greenway network system. There are 16 hectares of ponds in the Vioved River Park to create an organic ecosystem through constructing aquatic plant community, microbial community, aquatic animal group, and combined with twenty-four air, build 24 characteristic viewing ponds.

In fact, the Violi Park is not only a tourist sightseeing, but also a wetty popular paradise. Its application new type of technology is touched by trees and other plants, using Internet, cloud, big data, artificial intelligence technology to build seedlings big data platform, and build wisdom garden brains, reach standardized, standardized, digital, gridization, Intelligent tube level. Thoroughly changed the traditional maintenance model, played a new model in the garden maintenance industry, while the data of trees growing real-time monitoring provides strong research data for plant research, further integrating into the construction of smart cities.