Carry forward the spirit of entrepreneurs and make greater contributions to the country

Since the 18th National Congress, Comrade Xi Jinping has attached great importance to the important role of entrepreneurial groups and entrepreneurship spirit in national development.

At the entrepreneur symposium, it emphasizes "promoting the spirit of entrepreneurs, promoting the company’s greater role in achieving greater development, for the economic development savings"; in the private enterprise symposium, encourage private entrepreneurs "to promote entrepreneurs Do patriotism, law-abiding, entrepreneurial innovation, return to society "; when investing in research, he must carry forward the spirit of entrepreneurs," stimulate various market main vitality "" to promote the development of enterprises, making the country Great contribution "… General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasizes the spirit of promoting entrepreneurs and encourages the majority of entrepreneurs to make more active progress, and work hard. Market vitality comes from people, especially from entrepreneurs, from entrepreneurship. Since the reform and opening up, my country has gradually established and continuously improved the socialist market economy system, the market system is continuously developed, and various market entities have grown. As of early November 2021, the total amount of my country’s market has exceeded 100 million, of which individual industrial and commercial households exceeded 100 million households.

With the growth and population of all kinds of market subjects, a large number of courage, brave innovative entrepreneurs have thrive, forming a Chinese enterprise team with distinctive age, national characteristics, and world standards.

They have the initiative to develop the company with the national prosperity, national prosperity, national prosperity, and people happiness in the nation, and the national prosperity, the national prosperity, the people’s happiness. In order to accumulate social wealth, create jobs, promote economic and social development, and enhance comprehensive national strength make an important contribution. The spirit of entrepreneurs formed in a magnificent historical process has become an important part of the Chinese Communists’ Psychotropic.

The new era calls to the spirit of entrepreneurs entering with the times. At the entrepreneur symposium held in July 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Entrepreneurs should lead the company to overcome the current difficulties, and go to more brilliant future, they must be in patriotic, innovation, integrity, social responsibility and international vision, etc. Aspects continue to improve themselves, strive to become a new era to build a new development pattern, build a modern economic system, and promote high-quality development.

"We must deeply realize that corporate marketing is not borders, entrepreneurs have the motherland, patriotic is the glorious tradition of our country’s outstanding entrepreneurs, patriotic feelings are the value pursuit of entrepreneurs; innovation is the first motivation of leading development, enterprises Home innovation activities are the key to promoting corporate innovation; socialist market economy is a credit economy, the rule of law economy, entrepreneurs should be dealing with people, mobilizing people, wealth, and things, there is no integrity inch; society is an entrepreneur The stage, only sincerely returning the society, earnestly fulfilling social responsibility, can really get social recognition, is an entrepreneur required by the times; how much vision, how big is the mind, expand the international vision to improve the overall use of international The ability of two domestic markets and two resources.

At present, there is no big change in the world that has accelerated evolution. The intense competition from the new round of scientific and technological revolutions and industrial change, climate change, epidemic prevention and control and other global problems have never been influential, unilateralism , Protectionism looks up, economic globalization encounters counterflow, the world economy is difficult to recover in fragile. At the same time, my country has entered the high-quality development stage. The people’s requirements for good life have continued to improve, continue to develop with many advantages and conditions, but the development of unbalanced problems remain prominent, and innovation ability is still not adapted to high quality development requirements. The deep complex changes in the development environment at home and abroad have brought a small challenge to the development of my country’s enterprises, which puts forward higher requirements.

The more face challenges, the more you must vigorously promote the spirit of entrepreneurs, play the role of entrepreneurs, and promote better development for my country’s economic development. Enduring the new journey, the new era of success Explorer, organizers, leaders, courage to promote production organization innovation, technological innovation, market innovation, attach importance to technology research and development and human capital investment, effectively mobilize employee creativity, and strive to create a strong innovative entity; to do integrity The pattern, driving the ethics of the whole society and promoting the level of civilization; sincerely return society, earnestly fulfill social responsibility, strive to stabilize employment positions, care about caring employees;, based on China, look at the world, improve the ability of international market trends and demand characteristics, Improve the ability to grasp international rules, improve international market development capabilities, and improve the risk capabilities of international markets, drive enterprises to achieve better development in higher levels. Further stimulate and promote entrepreneurial spirit, but also protect the legitimate rights and interests of entrepreneurs according to law, protect property rights and intellectual property according to law, and build pro-cleaning independence, create a good environment for entrepreneurial business. The company is good, the residents have employment, the government has taxes, and the financial relying on the society, the society is guaranteed.

Facing the future, vigorously promote the spirit of entrepreneurs, fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative, creativity, and better play the entrepreneurial role in the new journey, unremitting struggles, forming more world-global competitive world first-class world Enterprises, we must have promoted the continuous achievement of high quality development, in order to achieve the second hundred years of struggle, realize the new and greater contribution of the Chinese nation’s great revival.