Quentin becomes a writer?Will write World War II veteran story or novel version of Hollywood Past

Quentin becomes a writer?Will write World War II veteran story or novel version of “Hollywood Past”
Quentin and Pete are promoting the movie “Hollywood Past”. Recently, Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino revealed in his latest “Pure Movie Podcast” show that he is currently considering adapting the movie “Hollywood Past” into a novel.”I didn’t think of this until recently, but now I think a lot, and I might write a novel for” Hollywood “.Quentin said to the podcast host. Last summer, Sony Pictures released “Hollywood Past” and won 3.The $ 7.4 billion box office and helped Brad Pitt win the 92nd Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.In fact, no matter whether Quentin will adapt “The Hollywood Past” into a novel, fans may get a supplementary version of his movie.The director has always stated bluntly that the film has retained several scenes and characters on the editing stage. After the premiere of the Cannes Film Festival, he said that he edited a movie that was more than 4 hours (the theater version was 162 minutes).One of the starring actors, Brad Pitt, said in September last year that Quentin was considering shooting a mini-series called “Hollywood” to bring the scenes deleted in the theater version back to the screen.>>>昆汀《好莱坞往事》将在北美重映,片长增加10分钟 《好莱坞往事》是昆汀职业生涯的第9部故事片,如果他坚持曾经的许诺,在完成第10部电影后退出Film production, then only the last movie is left in his directorial career.But Quentin expressed interest in turning to other art media, such as dramas and novels, so the novelization of “Hollywood Past” is meaningful to the director.>>>昆汀不想将《星际迷航》续集电影作为自己收山之作 去年,昆汀还表示计划写一本小说,其主人公是一位厌倦了好莱坞电影的二战老兵,“有一个参加过二战Veteran, he saw too much blood on the battlefield, and after returning to real life after the events, he began to find that Hollywood movies are very naive.Suddenly, he began to hear foreign films such as Kurosawa and Fellini (directors from other countries).So he said, ‘Okay, maybe they will have something much better than these Hollywood fakes.”No matter whether Quentin will write novels in the future, he has not announced any follow-up movie plans for” Hollywood “.Sauna, Yenet Editor Teng Chao Huang Jialing Proofreading Jia Ning