She Shiman’s Look at My Life and old friend Ouyang Zhenhua laughed at the old things

She Shiman’s “Look at My Life” and old friend Ouyang Zhenhua laughed at the old things
The “Look at My Life” live-action variety show “Look at My Life”, produced by Youku video, is officially scheduled to be broadcast every Saturday from May 23rd. The program focuses on the living conditions and mental health of young people living alone, and invited Ma Sichun, She Shiman, and Wang Continental, Lin Yun, Huang Minghao five representatives of single living artists after 70, 80, 90, and 00, recording the unique living life of different groups, giving a new perspective to living alone, letting the public see that there is no fixed pattern of life.She Shiman’s family under one roof, or one person under the roof, all live.In the show, Huang Minghao ‘s protected illegitimate child after 00 can only take turns to stay in a friend ‘s house and drift away. The first time he tried to rent a house in his life, he was crushed by reality in the next second and called “it ‘s too difficult to find a house”.After 1995, Lin Yun temporarily lived with his parents during the epidemic, and his friend Wang Continental, who was visiting the house, was treated by Lin Yun ‘s parents as a “home-in-law” and staged a large marriage reminder.Despite the different challenges faced by living alone, it is important that solo people are not surrounded by reality and lose their direction. When replacing social roles and returning to life, everyone who lives alone becomes extraordinarily fresh.She Shiman, a 45-year-old single woman who lives alone in “Look at My Life”, made a person’s life extraordinarily exquisite: invite three or two friends, prepare a good table, and laugh at old things with old friend Ouyang Zhenhua.The program focuses the lens on contemporary youth living alone, and involves social hot topics such as “moving to find a house”, “urging marriage”, “bullying on campus”, and “elderly single”.Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Wei editor Tong Na