Little Macdonald’s face suddenly turned black!

He really didn’t think of this problem,But now he admits that Chen Geng was right,There was no way for everyone before,I have to hold the three-issue version that will explode anytimeDC-10Gritting teeth to continue operations,But now,DC-10The biggest problem in the aerodynamic layout has been solved,Everyone is happy to keep holding such a bomb?
Of course I hope my ownDC-10Finish the modification as soon as possible。
Not waiting for Little MacDonald to speak,Chen Geng continued:“In addition,Will earlyCF6-6D、CF6-50CUpgrade to80C2,The amount of work for this project is not small,Did you talk to General Electric about this matter??Don’t come to the airframe and avionics system、The upgrade of the cockpit is complete,It happened to be stuck in the engine,It’s really,Who are you crying?”
Little Macdonald’s face turned darker in an instant:This is really a big problem!
This engine upgrade,Not directly changing the engine,One is a brand newCF6-80C2The engine is very expensive,It’s not cost-effective to replace the engine directly,Another reason is:Thousands of replaced old versionsCF6To whom to sell the engine?
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
He hasn’t experienced this feeling of being surrounded and complimented by executives of various airlines for a long time.,This feeling made him so obsessed,It’s this feeling,To let him even now60Many years old,But still refused to leave McDonnell Douglas,The reason is that this feeling really makes him want to stop。
Just finished talking with a Lufthansa executive,The corner of his eye saw Chen Geng accidentally,Little Macdonald stepped forward immediately,Hold Chen Geng’s hand:“Fernandez,You are right,You are right,I’m very sure,Inviting you to McDonnell Douglas is the most correct decision I have made。”
Chen Geng blinked,Did not speak,What kind of excitement is this buddy??