“Just say it,Not so difficult,The result is not that bad。”Lin patiently encouraged。

Taozi gritted his teeth and asked him:“Why are you willing to be nice to me?”
“Yes,Easy to say。”Lin smiling,The gaze turned to the bear’s face。“it’s your turn。”
“……may,We are the predestined relationship that Jin said。I am willing to treat you well。”Big bear blushing,Can’t tell that i like you,I love you or something。
Lin couldn’t help but smile:“Bear, you are not suitable,Taozi is so brave,You don’t have the courage you were just now?”
Big Bear thinks so,He is a man,How could it be so weak,So I took the courage to say:“because I like you!”
Lin’s eyes were filled with unsatisfactory blame,Big bear saw it,Muster up the courage again,Hold your heart,Open road:“Because I love you!peach!I love you!Love you for a long, long time!”
This time the big bear is too courageous,So the voice is too loud,Many people who were eating all looked over in surprise,After hearing the second half of Daxiong’s words,Blew the whistle of recognition immediately,Take the lead and shout and applaud。
“Big bear is awesome!Public confession,Is it the first one in our school??Everyone applauded——”
So many people laughed,Clapped his hands。
Peach has never been such a focus,I just feel my nervous heart beating fast,Don’t know what to do,Subconsciously want to hold Lin’s arm,but,Lin beside her stood up,Clap your palms slowly,Winking at the big bear,The latter hurried over and took Peach’s hand,Blush under strong pressure,Announced to the crowd applauding around:“See all!Taozi will be my girlfriend from today!I will take care of her from now on!”
Some people who knew Big Bear shouted in unison as usual:“Good sister-in-law!”
Drew other people into a crowd,Some cried:“Good sister-in-law!”
There is also a close relationship with Big Bear,Cried out on a whim:“Hello, Mrs. Bear!”
“Hahaha……Mrs. Bear,Yes indeed,It’s Mrs. Xiong!Hello, Mrs. Bear!”Others find it fun,Have changed,Shouting to Mrs. Xiong。
In the crowd,Lin Gong retired,Leave silently。
This lively Chen Wenjin didn’t witness it,but,Big bear is very excited,I called him at noon。