“Are you not ignorant that Old Man Lin is gambling,The two of us worked hard for 30 years and were not his opponents。”

“I came here to show you the dragon head,Please donate this thing to the country in a few days!”
“Shouheng,Show the dragon head to Uncle Guo。”
He Shouheng quickly put the dragon head on the coffee table,Guo Yingdong put on his glasses and carefully figured out the dragon head,Repeatedly praised:“Hundreds of years ago, our country had such a high court copper art technology!”
“What a pity,Such good technology is not used to make guns,Refers to the things used to make these ornaments。”
Even sighed:“No matter how good,After all, it was not taken by others with guns.!”
“But not!”
He Rongsheng also leaned in to stroke the dragon’s head and said:“That’s why we have to take this dragon head home,Let the national exhibition come out,Warn future generations not to forget the national shame,More lessons from history!”
“This is the truth!”
While the two elders are watching the leader chatting,Chen Xiu asked He Shouheng in a low voice:“Xiao He Sheng,The gambling king really can’t bet?”
He Shouheng nodded and said:“My dad plays less cards,Mahjong、Pai Gow、Those dice will never!”
Chen Xiu was dumbfounded,He originally thought that the king of gambling said he didn’t know how to gamble but was just humble,After all, he runs Australia Island and all bets,The technology is not as powerful as Lin Han,At least proficient。
He Shouheng,The gambling king is fucking not at all!
“Then he promised to bet with Lin Han?”