“Thanks to Mr. Hu for giving me this meal,You just say something,I just listen”Xia Jian said with a smile。He knew,Hu Huiru would never call him specifically because of this,She must have other things。

Hu Huiru heard what Xia Jian said,And followed Xia Jian’s topic:“I can’t hide anything from you。I know,You have time now,If you wait until the next year,I’m afraid to call you on a call like this”
“Consultant?!Just like you said,Asked after Gu。Is such that,I have a scenic forest planting base in Chenzhuang, Baishui Town,I have always neglected to manage this place,So I want you to visit”
Hu Huiru goes around,Finally said her true intentions。of course,What Xia Jian did to her,Still know well。
Xia Jian has heard of this place,But he has never been。So he asked:“What do you want me?Look at the scenery or look at the trees,Or to look at people?”
“Hahahaha!President Xia is really good at joking。This place,This time is desolate,You can see the scenery there。As for seeing people, it’s even more needless to say,I want you to take a trip,Take a look at the accounts of others,Suddenly check”Hu Huiru laughed and said on the phone。
Xia Jianyi listen,I’m a little unhappy,He said coldly:“President Hu!I am your consultant,This kind of thing seems beyond my scope of work, right?!”
“President Xia!I think this place is best for you。just looking,We rectify if there is a problem,No problem, we encourage。Besides, with an expert like you,Where to take a trip,Maybe you can see other business opportunities。Of course,This trip,I won’t let you go for nothing”
Hu Huiru smiled,Hurry up to Xia Jian。This woman is a businessman,Use money for everything。
Although Xia Jian hates Hu Huiru’s practice,,But for money,He also lacks。But this woman’s money,No profit, no profit。He went to Chenzhuang,Is it paid labor?!
“what is the benefit,I see if it is attractive enough”Xia Jian deliberately made it clear and told Hu Huiru。Since she said she wouldn’t let him go for nothing,Then he has to ask clearly。
Hu Huiru saw Xia Jian seriously,So she laughed and said:“Send you other things,I don’t know what you are missing,Don’t know what you like。I think this money is the most affordable,This trip,I’ll give you five thousand yuan”
“Give too much,It puts pressure on you。This five thousand yuan is no more, no less,You just go see。This is how to play rabbits,A simple matter”Hu Huiru is so perfect。She speaks,So Xia Jian was speechless。
But five thousand yuan let him go to Pingdu,This thing can really be done。This is the average person’s salary for the last two months。
Xia Jian paused on purpose and said:“Ok!Even if Mr. Hu doesn’t give me money,,I have to run there too。But I will explain this in advance,It’s hard to say whether it can be done well”
“Nothing!As long as you go there,These five thousand yuan is yours”Hu Huiru is very simple,But Xia Jian knew。Every penny of Hu Huiru is very hard to make,Not to mention the five thousand yuan。