Moderate drinking is good for your health

Moderate drinking is good for your health

It is often said that moderate drinking is beneficial to the body, and alcoholism can lead to gastritis and even cirrhosis.

How much wine is it to drink?

What wine is the most beneficial?

  Drunk and know the wine is strong.

hzh {display: none; }  如果我们所饮的酒令我们神志不清,那么我们已经是喝酒过量,中了酒精毒,出现「醉酒」的现象。  It turns out that alcohol can enter the blood about 5 minutes after entering the stomach. When we drink about 80 grams of alcohol at a time, the cerebral cortex will be inhibited, causing excessive excitement of the lower central nervous system and causing pleasure, but at the same timeThere is a phenomenon of head pain and nausea and vomiting.

Although this situation is not dangerous, it is already the beginning of alcoholism.

Therefore, no matter how much you like to drink, please remember to keep the alcohol content below 80 grams. Of course, the less you drink, the safer it is.

  In addition, drinking more than 3 times a week, and the best time is in the evening, followed by noon, not drinking in the morning.

When drinking alcohol, it is best to use sugary foods, glutinous foods, green leafy vegetables and fruits as the next dish to further reduce the side effects of alcohol on the human body.

  In fact, drinking alcohol also has a certain nutritional value. How can we take nutrition when enjoying wine, and care about how we choose.

  Liquor is the most unprofitable city. The wines on the surface can be roughly divided into white wine, red wine and beer. Among them, white wine is the most harmful to the human body.

The reason is that the liquor contains a large amount of ethanol (ie, alcohol) and other harmful components such as organic acids, higher alcohols, esters, aldehydes, polyols and phenols.

In the process of brewing liquor, some toxic substances, including methanol, aldehydes, fusel oil, lead and cyanide, have been produced, which have a great impact on human health, so it is not good to drink.

  Red wine 3 big nutrient tonic red wine how—-a new wine culture caused by red wine in the country, there are traces of red wine everywhere in the market, and the average person knows about red wine, not much knowledge, and often drink red wineIt is a way of taking care of it, and this way makes people who are interested in learning to taste the choice.

Before drinking red wine, it does not hinder the understanding of the temperament of wine culture and wine history, and understand the nobleness of red wine.

In fact, there are grapes grown all over the world, so all countries in the world also produce wine.

The annual average temperature is 10 degrees Celsius?
The 20-degree mild climate region is most suitable for planting grapes, and the rainfall is heavy, and the heavy moisture places hinder the growth of the vines. Therefore, good soil drainage is also one of the conditions for planting.

The reason for the French wine in the many red wines is that France is not only the country that produces the most diverse wines in the world, but also produces countless world-famous premium wines.

  Red wine is a nutritious drink.

It contains the three major nutrients needed for life-sustaining activities: vitamins, sugar and protein.

In alcoholic beverages, it also contains higher minerals, and its rich iron and vitamin B12 can cure anemia.

Because the acidity of red wine is between ph2 and ph2.

5, with the same acidity of gastric juice, can promote digestion, increase appetite, lower blood lipids, soften blood vessels, have a role in the treatment and prevention of a variety of diseases.

  Some experts in the United States have found that some wines contain a kind of quercetin which can fight cancer. This kind of material comes from red grape skin. After being refined, it can be highly concentrated in wine and play a role in preventing cancer.

However, wine also contains a certain proportion of alcohol, so it should not be excessive, otherwise it will destroy the body’s immune function and increase the chance of cancer.

  Beer has 8 kinds of amino acids required by the human body. How to drink beer to not gain weight?

— There are many types of beer, including draft beer, cooked beer, low alcohol beer, fruity beer and so on.

The difference in beer, people’s physique is not the same, so drinking beer also varies from person to person.

Professor Han has merged some of the most common beers in our lives.

  Although beer is often reminiscent of “beer belly”, it is basically a nutritious drink.

It contains 17 amino acids, 8 of which are needed by the body.

In addition, there are vitamins B1, B2, B6, C as well as niacin and pantothenic acid.

Among them, vitamin B and hop extract can increase appetite, help digestion and diuretic swelling, niacin can soften blood vessels, lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, prevent arteriosclerosis, and sugar can provide a lot of heat, as for a large numberThe carbon dioxide can clear the heat and relieve the heat.

Most importantly, it is the lowest alcohol content of any alcoholic beverage.

  Of course, drinking beer for a long time is also harmful to health, such as drinking a lot of white wine or red wine, especially those with weak heart function, so it should be stopped.