I have heard that she is also the kind of love for Xiao Li.,Her body,That is not better than the sisters.?”

“There is also a vegetable factory Han Shanshan,This is the secretary of the SECREAR.,Still Xiao Li’s classmates,This layer relationship,Don’t you see it??”
“There is also the Sun Yaru who is going to raise the crab.,That is, Li Hui’s first love,I heard that Xiao Li has not received each other.,You feel that Sun Yaru actively,Xiao Li can hold?”
Zhao Xiaoli said like this,Zhao Xiaoling also started some confidence。
“sister,Then what do you say??”
“What can I do??
In the evening, my sister accompanied you to find him.,This is always?”
Looking at Zhao Xiaoli, there is still a smile,Zhao Xiaoling immediately understood。
“Giggle,I just know that you are my most pro-big sister.。”
“okay,I am coming to find you and another thing.!”
“whats the matter?”
Zhao Xiaoling did not expect Zhao Xiaoli and other things,It’s also a little doubtful.。
“It is you said before tell me.!I also want to understand now.,I want to divorce Liu Dafu.,After all, this is used by him.,This marriage has been finished in the morning and evening.,And he should do those things, you should also know some。”
“Um,I just said that you are divorced earlier.,Early relieve,Looking for him, no?”
“said,Then”I heard the words that Zhao Xiaoli said,Zhao Xiaoling is shocked by everyone.。
Why didn’t she think that Liu Dafu is so do not face?,Don’t face it。
“five million,How can he think about the mouth??
And you gave him the car with the wind.?
Obviously he is wrong,Why give him?”
For Zhao Xiaoli’s operation,Zhao Xiaoling is really some can’t understand。
“Silly sister,Don’t I think it is going to get out of the sea??”
Zhao Xiaoling heard this,Instantly understand。
Li Hui Feng did not know,Zhao Xiaoli negotiated with Zhao Xiaoling。
He came to Taohua Village,I found a peach volume in the first time.。
Peach rolls didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng can take the initiative.,His thought I had to ask Li Hui。
For the active arrival of Li Hui,He also feels the face on his face.。
“Xiao Li,You are riding a motorcycle?”
Tao Wan Roll is also known for Li Hui’s things.。
After all, I master some trend of Li Hui Feng.,So regardless of the villagers of Taohua Village,It is still very good for him.。
“Hey-hey,Moto is more convenient,Peach uncle,Take me first, see where you want to make a pig farm.!”
“it is good,First come with me first.。”
soon,Tao Wan volume also took Li Hui Feng towards the location of their village.。