Sixteen floor,Time is just five o’clock,The land of the land is launched, and the social animals of the card。

Liao Wenjie took the elevator in Lyon,Financial company that goes straight to the head,The high manager’s customer is the boss of this company.,The female toilet found after his disappearance is also in this building.。
The two are too prostled,An overful,The office workers are stationed,Several women are gathered together,Small voice pointing to Liao Wenjie。
Liao Wenjie,It is very clear,Several people are in business, they want to contact us。
Face,Everyone pays for fate,He will not waste time.。
“Two,Who are you looking for?,I have already got off work.。”
Miss front desk is packing something,See the long phase of Liao Wenjie,And Lyon style,Suddenly stunned。
Such strange combination,She is still the first time.。
“Are you managers?,In the first two days, my friend had a small situation in your company.,We visited this today.。”Liao Wenjie explained a sentence,Although there is no appointment,But his smile makes the front desk can’t refuse。
“it is good,OK,Two people come with me,this way please。”
Miss front line front,Actuous multiplayer office,Ring the most reliable。
“Come in。”
“Wang Manager,Two guests visiting,It is also for the first two days.。”
Wang Manager heard a glimpse,He looked at the middle-aged Taoist who sat on the sofa.,Looking at Liao Wenjie and Lyon outside the door,The mind can’t turn a bit。
what happened,Not only to contact a ghost company??
Liao Wenjie and Lyon also saw the middle-aged Taoist Sands sitting on the sofa,A arson,Nationalcy face、Glimpose,Quite vigorous。
Aspect,This Taoist is very safe.。
“I don’t know if the two is?”
Wang Manager stands up,Go fast to the door,Let the former ladie to leave two cups of tea。
“Wang Manager,You also contacted others.,In this case,Zhang said first.。”Middle-aged priests are uncomfortable,Get up, you have to go outside the door.。
“Zhang Dao,Misunderstand,This is misunderstanding。”
Wang Manager rushes to raise middle-aged priests,Explain:“I only contact your company.,These two……This,I am also a foggy.!”
In one step in one step,And Zhang Dao face to face,Hedge:“Getting acquainted,I am a big name.‘Ghost expert’Lyon,I have to hear my name.。”
Zhang Dao is confused blinking,Upper and down,Cold:“What grown ghost experts,I have never heard of it.。”
“No bar,Even my name in my Lyon has not heard,Did you dare to mix in this floor?”
Lyon puts down the lily and suitcase,Put up the sleeves grabbing the long collar:“Tell me,Where are you a liar?,The protection fee is not?”
“Do you have this reason?!brutal,vulgar,Neuropathy!”
“Be right,I am neuropathy。”
Zhang Dao was held in the neck,Wang Manager’s forward rack,Three people have noisy messages。