And Wang Teng,Shook his head。

“do not worry,Now words,What am i worried about?”
“Such a rich second generation,It’s nothing more than that.,What else can i do?”
As Wang Teng finished,Those people around me think again,It seems to be like this。
But think carefully,But feel,It seems something is not right。
but,As for what it is,In fact, they don’t even know。
And see here,In this situation,Those around,They all gave a thumbs up to Wang Teng。
“Really amazing,at this point,I can’t even admire it。”
“Yes,That Dashao Zhao is really looking for death。”
“but,I really want to see,He looks flat。”
Look around those people,Zhao Shijie suffers,In fact, it is already beyond doubt。
So next,In fact, there is not much pressure at all。
While looking at,In this situation,Wang Teng is very casual。
“All right,Next words,Actually, there is nothing to say。”
“But then,We actually don’t need to do anything at all,Just need to continue waiting here。”
in fact,Wang Teng didn’t say that on purpose。
But because,Start now,The feeling brought to Wang Teng,This is the situation。