How much is it?,He even greeted that there was no such thing in the beginning.。

Otherwise it is really big.。
“Hey,You are listening to me.?
You won’t really have me.?”
Zhou Miao listened to the phone that did not have a sound,Suddenly, some are inadvertent。
After all, she feels that she seems to have some unspeak the idea of Li.,And men are facing face,Her practice is undoubtedly not given to Li Hui’s face.。
“No,never mind,Then go to bed early.,I hang it first.。”
I haven’t waited for the seedlings to continue to reply.,Li Hui Hui didn’t send the phone directly.。
But Zhou Miao is thinking that Li Hui listened to her.,So, I will hang up the phone.。
I immediately wanted to give Li Hui’s wind.,Just, at this time, I received a call from Sun Yiren.,She directly shuts down her mobile phone again.。
Wang Jing looked at Li Hui’s truth of all things.,It’s also a little embarrassing。
After all, she wants her son to try to chase Zhou Miao.,Moreover, Zhou Miao is obviously a good impression on Li Hui Feng.。
But Li Hui Feng is the same as the 驴,Don’t listen to her words,This makes her are also speechless.。
“mom,Since I don’t have a pro,I will not take my feelings.,I am going to the ground first.,Yesterday, I have pulled a lot of saplings.,I have to look at it.。”
“Stinky boy,So late, you don’t make a flashlight?
Let your dad go with you.。”
“no need,Let him rest well at home,Well sleep well,I can see it alone.。”
Li Hui has gained a lot of improvement since god of Shennong inheritance.。
Now at night, it is still clear from him.,As for another far, it is already a bit blurred.。
Walking on the road in the country at night,The feeling of breeze is so comfortable.。
Tonight he is preparing to use Xianquan to try to make all fruit wood into some。
After all, the medicinal material in Xianquan water is very amazing.。
Just when he is going to the place,But I saw the light of the flashlight in the ground.。
moment,He knows that those who raise his saplings last night came again.。
I didn’t yell on the news.,I have quietly found a tree that is not far climbed.。
Then use a stone,Directly throw it out towards the light。
Peng 彭呦“Who,who is it?”
Chapter 87th Goodbye Silver Wolf
Li Hui also didn’t expect him to play a person with a person.。
At this time, Wu Lu is to look at the pain of his head.。
The light of the flashlight is also constantly being swindled.,I hope to see what people have。