Wang Yizhen and Mu Yuqing are familiar with this process,Immediately follow the Chu Deirers——Anyway, Shaolin is in their hearts.,No component。

From the past experience,At this time I followed,Chu deer’s mood will be a lot。
Murongjiu is on the side,Disdainful look——I,Mu Rong’s hopes,Only will not be the Qiao Feng of the orl of the district,And Shaolin、And the martial arts!
Chu Deiren found that Murong Jiuyi did not move quietly,So I added a knife:“Think of my big brother,For Hanjia Jiangshan patency,These people just because my big brother is a real person,It is so destroyed,Click one’s tongue……”
Situally listened this,Dudu man is complaining,But in Murong, I heard it.,That is divided into ear——My big brother is actually,For Han family martial arts throwing skull、Sprinkle blood is useless,Some people also dream of playing the flag of Murong Xianbei?
Murongjiu heard the meaning of this,Face is not a black。
In fact, the original,Murong reaches the enemy of Xiao Feng,Chu Deirers did not understand……
Originally, Shaolin,Duan Zhengyu and Dali,Because of the life of the small mirror,Has been determined to accompany Xia Feng together,Mu Rong’s four major people,Murder、Package、The wind is also admired Xiao Feng,Advakers to complete and Xiao Feng,However, Murong Refused,And firm standing in Xiao Feng’s opposite。
Murong Fu and Xiao Feng have no hat、I am not unfortunate,Although Xiaofeng once believes that Murong’s innocence,But after all, two people don’t know,Murong Fu no matter how,Even if you don’t count,Also said。
Just Murong Reason,Chu Deirers didn’t understand——In order to recognize the Central Plains,In order to buy people’s hearts、Use?
Human Xiaofeng has the performance of the anti-Liao Liao,After being disclosed in the identity of the Qidan,In order to be in the Central Plains,You have become a day, I want to revitalize Murong Xianbei.,Throughout yourself and Xiao Feng played,Enable the Central Plains to accompany you to Fuxa Dawang?
How is this totaled??
Now Murong Jiu is directly to be held by Chu Deirers.,Allowly face all the way,Think in a thinking……
Four people holding horses,First find a home inn,Opened the room,Will also store horses,Seeing that it is late,Chu Deirers are not ready to go out overnight.。
In addition, since Jiaxing,Chu Deirers have not documented in the inn,Instead, I will go to the drunken building.——In the same year, Hill Machine and Jiangnan Seven strange,That is here.,That is also the best restaurant in Jiaxing.。
Murong, because of the words of the Chu Deirers,Nothing mood,But just refused to export,I feel awareness of awareness.,So in the end or“Xia99”compromise,A accompanied the deer went to the smokesture。
Slim tasty fish circle、Worse softer sauce、Fat but not greasy powder steam meat、Scenic smooth flour dumplings……
Although the Chu Deirers are dominated by fish crabs,But when I have the opportunity,There is also a small amount of eating some side.。
“Drunk building chef,Crafts have really……Unfortunately, than Rong Rong is still a lot.。”Chu Deirers eat、I also commemodally。
Wang Yizhen and Mu Qingqing Dynasty have declined——It is not the difference between the two and Huang Rong relationship.,But someone’s emotional business is active。
Murong Jiu Wen,At the same time,Also looked at them,It seems very curious,Why don’t you face?!
“Humph,It must be much better than I do.。”Mu Yuqing directly。
The Chu Deiren was discovered that she was angry.,Therefore, I will persuade it right away.:“It’s ok,No one is good at and not good at!I am more difficult to eat.……Wait for the next time I saw Rongrong,Let her do it well.。”
Woody Qingqing:……
I am in my own craftsmanship.?
Wang Yizhen is not awkward,She is in cooking,Too……“Alert”Level。
Murongjiu said at this time:“Ai’s cooking is also good,Let you taste you next time。”
Wang Yuxi suddenly found,“cousin”It turned out that……
“what?Chu Chuzi?”
A sudden“Unhappy”Title,Transmit to Chu Deiremony!
Chu Deirens quickly turned to see the past,After that, it is loose tone.——Come to people“Unhappy”,Not intentionally ironic,But the old man of the Chu Deirers。
It is because I know too much.“old”,This person’s impression of Chu Deirers,Nothing“Be too old”Ingredient。