Ye Hongfei took Chen Xiu and put himself in

487 Respectful
Chen Xiu naturally didn’t know that Ye Zicheng had so many things behind。
After he returned to the hotel, he couldn’t wait to absorb《Tiger down the mountain》Power inside,I thought even more:“Absorbed before《Candlestick chart》See-through eyes,Absorbed《Little ghost figure》The breath has a downwind ear。
This is a tiger picture,After absorbing it, won’t it give me the power of a tiger?!
If that’s the case!
Fight with bare hands from now on,Who is my opponent!
Unless it’s Wu Song!”
Chen Xiu is obsessed with,Two hands are touching《Tiger down the mountain》On the drawing paper,A vast and mysterious aura poured directly into his body,Use a channeling technique to spread the breath to
488 landscape painting
Although Standard Chartered Bank is a private commercial bank on Hong Kong Island。
In fact, it is more professional than domestic banks in terms of bank security and banking professionalism.。
After the branch branch was robbed,The head office also asked the security consultant to review the video of the robbery that day,It can also be seen that Chen Xiu used Morse code to communicate with the police officer。
It is precisely because of this that Chen Xiu’s business can be handled so quickly,It would take at least one week to open the safe without relying on a key from Yizhixing more than 20 years ago。