Turn around,There is no suitable place。at this time,The sky is getting dark slowly,And there are snowflakes in the breeze,It seems that it is really going to snow,If you don’t find a good place to live,Will freeze to death at night。

Just when Xia Jian was lingering in front of a hotel,A woman with heavy makeup came over from the road,It seems to be at least over 30 years old,But she looks pretty good-looking。
“What’s the matter handsome guy,Do you want to stay?This hotel is nice,Not only reasonable price,More importantly, the facilities are complete,The heating in the room is also very hot“The woman smiled at Xia Jian and said。
May be for self-protection,Xia Jian asked in a cold voice:“How did you know?“
“Ha ha!I am the boss here,You say how do i know“Women see Xia Jian so unfriendly,After saying a word, he turned and walked inside。
The waitress sitting at the front desk saw this woman,Immediately stood up and said:“The boss is coming“
Xia Jian, who was at the door, believed,So this woman is really the boss here,So he chased in,said laughingly:“I do want to live with you,But I forgot to bring my ID when I went out“
“No way,To live with us requires ID registration“Not waiting for any female boss to speak,The waitress rushed to say。Xia Jianchang sighed,Preparing to go out。
Just listen to what the female boss said:“and many more,I don’t think you look like a bad person,Pay a hundred dollars for the room,One hundred yuan deposit,You just live here!“
One hundred yuan for a night,Really a little expensive,But watching the snowflakes floating outside,Xia Jian gritted his teeth and still took out two hundred yuan。
Completed the registration procedures,Once you get the room card,Xia Jian rushed upstairs。The conditions in the city are pretty good,A large bed,With toilet,And the TV in the room is readily available。
Xia Jian put the bag,Check the door first,Now there is a bolt inside,Should be very safe。He touched the radiator again,Feel the heating here,He just started to undress,He wants to take a good bath here,Wash away all bad luck。
Fortunately, when I attended the annual meeting the day before yesterday,He is wearing thermal underwear,How about this cold weather,Feel good with him。Took off all the clothes,Xia Jian checked the silver needle and steel dart wrapped around his waist again,these things,He always carried,Rarely leave him。
This exercise belt in the waist,It was given to him by Old Xiao,Just take it out and let the tailor make it,It turned out to be multi-purpose,Can practice function,You can also put all steel darts and silver needles inside。
Hold these things,Xia Jian sighed for a while,Went into the bathroom。This woman really didn’t lie to him,The facilities in this hotel are really good,Xia Jian took a hot bath first,I went to bed and turned on the TV。
Comfortable bed,Plus the room is very warm,Xia Jian didn’t know if he fell asleep watching TV,There was a knock on the door suddenly,Woke up Xia Jian from his sleep。
He opened his eyes,Thought for a while,Make sure you are in the hotel,Then put on clothes,Opened the door gently,The door just opened a crack,A black shadow squeezed in。
Xia Jian surprised,People suddenly wake up a lot,I saw a 25-year-old woman take off her coat,Showing her very sexy figure。