Section 嘿嘿,Say the words。

Heli Ren is what happened to Gao Biyi.,Duan Yumei’s foot finger can think of。This person is completely unbelieved.!Don’t say that he will force it.,This person is now even can’t let him get from his own sight.。Once he makes him alone, the consequences are unimaginable.!
Lenovo started to eat the taste of inexplicably in Jiangnan,Not a stupidxGive yourself!Otherwise how can you lose so miserable??
Think about it,Section is angry,There is no peace of mind。
Duan Yucai’s head,He remembers this,Yesterday, More Dear,Shenmei army in the north of Fuyang,I don’t know how it is now.,This has been a day。
However, his idea is to look similar to Modeo.。
The other party likes to build a city,Then let them build!Anyway, I can’t build a city for a few days.!
When those people have been busy,Even the long-term,I will bring my own cultivated Jinyang Liuzhen army.,Isn’t it a half-time??
I think of here,Duan Yu feels very surprised。Reason,Gao Biyi is also a long-awaited person, even if he is very stupid, it is not a stupid.。
Why still want to build a city“Faint”Woolen cloth?Is it true that I haven’t left??
What is the place??
Duan Yu is coming back in the military account,I always feel that I seem to have ignored something important thing.。
“Man,Calling the nearest comment!”
Duan Yao drunk low outside the military account。Soon, a dusty, a servant, is frozen, the young man is brought to the military account.。
Different time to play with each other?“Ritual”Game he asked directly:“Are you coming back from Yanyang??How is the situation there??The defense of the Defense, the defense is strict?”
His question,This scout is a look,After a moment:“Governor,Goddess guard,Not only don’t be more than turquard, but it is quite uncommon.。
At least we used to investigate,Less you should have to fight against them.。And now there is a chance to become less.。We don’t want to fight,So every time they encounter them, they are trying to avoid。”
It’s not going to fight each other.?
Sometimes it is really like this。
However,Today, the battlefield situation is more clarity.,The twinkling of the two sides is not willing to fight and kill.。After all, the strength of a person is limited.,Cannot use unlimited use。
Where is the front of the big army?,It’s generally clear,So there is no need to be some“unnecessary”Investigation,And let yourself die。
Running is a good hand in the army,To cultivate a qualified,Need a lot of time and strength,Not catching up,Just pull someone to do this.。
“So, then you have seen the city built in the north of Fuyang.?How is the situation there??”
Rough location,Section is known,The city is located on Danshui,How,I can’t see it.。Until later,Who knows??should say,There is no time tomorrow.。
“Oh,Dado n’t say,The little person really forgot.。
That city,I am far away.,It seems that the progress is very fast,Already have some prototypes?。But I am approaching.,I was driven by the Shenmei army.,They don’t let us get close to。”
Duan Yisheng stood up from the loop,A arms of the scout,There are some red asked in the face:“Soon progress?Primrose?This is only two days,How can they progress fast??Winter is not easy,What is nothing?,Why do they progress?,what!What?!”
One time,Duan Zhao is a bit messy。To know,The biggest advantage of Jinyang Liu Town,It is in Gaoping,That is, it is the root of the root.,And the retreat is the kettlement,Some is where you can refund。
And the gods,Their attack distance is too long.!If it is a cavalry, I’m still saying.,Can God, also the model of step riding,The number of cavaliers is not more than Jinyang six towns。
so,Strategic advantage in this belt,Always followed by the army of Jinyang Liu Town!So far, Gao Gong is still hard in Jincheng.,Maybe you will fall into a day,Defending the soldiers!
But,If Gao Bi can repair several urban pools between Fuyang and Jincheng,Then it is completely different.。
Originally divided,Started into a piece。
Originally used as the Jincheng of Lone City,There is a stronghold of support。
Originally unsolicited,Mutual exchange,Turns,This chess is alive.。
“Man,Horses!I want to go to myself.!”
Duan Zhali goes out。
Quietly with hundreds of elite cavalry,Section of the head,From that stunches,Single to avoid the eyeliner,When I came to the city,The sky has already won down.。
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