Chengde implements a number of municipal people’s livelihood projects such as human residential environment improvement this year.

  Original title: Hebei Chengde: This year, the implementation of various municipal people’s livelihood projects in the implementation center of the municipal people’s livelihood project, broadening the main roads of the main roads, newly built 10 public parking lots, increasing the parking berths of 3,500; implementation The municipal management network renovation project, transformed from 70 kilometers of natural gas pipe network, transformed the heating old old pipe network; implementing the improvement of human residential environment improvement project, new reconstruction and improvement of "Pocket Park", learned from Chengde City Urban Management Bureau, this year, this year will implement this year Municipal management network renovation, human residential environment improvement, etc. , Charm Chengde contributes power.

  This year, the Chengde City Urban Management Bureau undertakes 4 people’s livelihood projects in the city: implementing the "governing" project of the central city, and has wanted to the main roads of the main road, and new 10 public parking lots, add 3,500 parking berths; implement municipal management network The renovation project, transforming the natural gas pipe network 70 kilometers, transforming the old old pipe network; implementing the improvement of human residential environment, new reconstruction enhances 100 pocket parks, the central city implements Crocodile Mountain Mountain Park construction project; construction Shi Donggou Transforming and electrical power supply, 50,000 residents realize safe and reliable electricity. In addition, the Chengde Municipal Urban Management Bureau also grasted the following aspects this year to enhance the urban management level. Implement the construction of domestic waste classification and domestic waste treatment facilities.

Fully promote the garbage classification project, explore the practical garbage classification mode of Chengde, Shuangqiao District, Shuangyu District, Eagle Handying Mine Co., Ltd. has built more than 1 domestic garbage classification street, high-tech zone built more than 5 domestic garbage classification demonstration Community, other counties (cities) built more than 1 domestic waste classification demonstration community.

Accelerate the construction of waste disposal facilities, Yuping County, Longhua County to speed up the construction of transportation facilities, incorporate domestic waste into the cycling of cycling; Chengde County Green Source thermoelectric project accelerated construction progress; Fengning, Pingquan, yard living waste incineration project accelerated The preliminary work schedule ensures that a trial operation was built at the end of 2022.

  Promote sponge city construction project.

Focus on the three phases of Shuangfeng Temple to Taipingzhuang Sewage Direct Pipeline, the drainage pipeline renovation of Shuping County, the renovation of the Yudai County Drainage Pipe Network. Coordinate city (municipal) drainage and flood control project, fully carry out the rectification of Yizheng Shui, to ensure the city’s 46 people (5 levels, 41 counties and urban areas) Easy to accomplish the rectification task before the end of May at the end of May.

  Implement a smart urban management construction project. Fully promote heat intelligence construction, building a wisdom heating management platform and user remote autonomous warming intelligent temperature control system, achieving all-round, dynamic, and intelligent management of heating systems.

Fully promote the construction of wisdom in Chengde City, strengthen the real-time online monitoring of water quality, and achieve water source, water plant, pipe network intelligent analysis and control. Start the construction of the Chengde City CIM foundation platform, build the underground integration, static dynamics combined with Chengde City CIM foundation platform. Accelerate the construction process of urban integrated management service platform, gradually implement national platform, provincial platform, municipal platform interconnection, data synchronization, business coordination.

  Fully implement the rectification of the city.

Strengthen market environmental health management, carry out series of activities such as "Washing City", spring clearance, and increase the frequency of mechanization, and improve the level of sanitation refined management.

  Implement a convenient service project. New construction, redevelopment of the public toilets (new 12, 13), and gradually realize the urban drought toilet, and constantly meet the needs of the masses.

Strengthen urban road maintenance, ensure that the obstacle-free ramps and blind trend of 29 major roads in the old city are maintained at 95%. (Reporter Yu Chi Gui correspondent Jiangbin).