4,827 public officers in Luohe

In fact, although Huang Yi has a length of the unit of 3 units on the 12th unit of Hebei Street Water, Huihua City, where he lives, but the group process is not difficult.

Yellow Ying is a full-time deputy secretary of the comprehensive service center of Hebei Sub-district Office, Luohe City, and usually do not need him to go deep into the community unit building.

He has lived in 17 floors. At present, there are 29 households (village) people, and those who make up – there are retired, there are work; public officials, work staff; there are urban residents, there are farmers. Yellow rose is usually related to neighbors, and it is mostly seen to meet.

When the unit is long, Yellow is known to know the primary work of his own – join the WeChat grid group composed of the head of the community committee, the length, and the building of the building, and establish a unit group that is involved by his group owner and unit residents.

Yellow is in the door of the unit, and the house is hoped by the house. It is looking for a residence. I don’t think about the contact way to call the household … Give 3 roles: transmitted the epidemic prevention spirit of Luohe; real-time forwarding risk areas, investigate requirements; online, offline investigation of this unit personnel.

These days, 4,827 monographs were as busy like Yellow. Zhang Fengrui, secretary of the Ministry of Working Committee of Luohe City, introduced that when screening units, for easy convenience, try to arrange the unit of cadres who live in their own, but there are many units, no public officials in households, so many unit lengths are cross-regional.

They overcome difficulties, actively carry out work, as of now, 4,827 sets of Universal Buildings 4827 units, each unit leader has achieved no dead angle through WeChat or telephone information, all coverage, and imposing an epidemic investigation control. , Efficient channel.

(2) In just a few days, this high docking rate is achieved, which is not open to the scientific deployment of Luohe Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, and the attention of all departments and units in Luohe City.

At the launch of December 31 last year, the person in charge of the Organization Department of Luohe Municipal Party Committee put forward specific requirements for the single-length work system on the ideological, measures, and responsibility. In the measures, he asked for a person to manage.

All departments, all units established an organization, divided several groups, command, guidance, and scheduling through telephone, WeChat groups. Conditional building established a temporary party branch, the party team, allowing the party’s organizational system to play a role.

Second, we must do a good job, through adopting flexible way, speaks the duties, mission, and communicate the latest control requirements. The third is to strive to crack the problem of electors, manage, and promote. The various departments of the Luohe City, all units are quickly acting, and they will be put into fool. Liu Hui, deputy director of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Office of Luohe Municipal Education Bureau, has a total of 1644 teachers in the education system to be long, accounting for 1/3 of all units.

They must be arranging to arrange the arrangement: At 14 o’clock on December 31, the Party Committee held an emergency meeting to arrange special work for "unit long" and set up a job school; 17 o’clock, convene a full system winter epidemic prevention and control work and "unit long" special work Meetings, bureau departments, office, and schools, and kindergarten party branch secretary to participate, implement specific work; subsequent, department, school, kindergartens, will immediately promote the implementation of this unit, responsibility; New Year’s Day 3 days On the Japanese, 1644 Unit of the Unit of the Communist Party of the Communist Party, the responsible unit residents were effectively docked, all established the unit WeChat group and address book, and mastered the first hand of the household and realized the direct information of the group. Liu Hui said that in order to ensure the implementation of the work, the Party Committee is divided into two lines to strengthen supervision and examination. First, the school, kindergartens will be scheduled once a week, master the length of the unit. The second is that the bureaus is exhausted in the long formation of 4 supervisors, and the 8th library has not docked with 135 community committees director, understanding the single duty.

At the Luohe Municipal Public Security Bureau, they divided 123 monolors into 14 groups to determine 14 small groups, and first conduct business training on 14 team leaders, and then 14th team leader. Training. Wang Zi, the teacher of the Public Security Bureau of Luohe City, said, they also made a unified single-length work manual, which facilitates the number of units to record unit households, progress daily, and the manual clearly, the header, the leader, the unit length The job responsibilities and processes, which make the single-day long daily work more standard, more systematic, and more scientific. 81 departments (units) launched a variety of measures, crack the problem, and firmly build the safety net of the epidemic prevention and control.

(3) 4827 unit groups built in 4,827 units, received support from 65196 households in Luohe City, but also the heart of 65196 households.

The epidemic prevention and inspection task issued by the WeChat grid group in which the Committee is located, requiring the unit to reply within 3 hours, and the investigation ends within 15 hours. This requires a single-element long action and requires support for unit households.

Yellow is all completed every time.

His support for households, he deeply, whenever he issued a message, most unit residents will reply as soon as possible.

Especially the resident "has worked hard", "I am worried", let him feel warm.

The length of the unit also makes the household feeling deep, and the relationship is close. Yellow is said that unit residents have a strong sense of dependence and trust in him. Any questions in residents are willing to ask him privately. "The family returns from the spring, do you want to isolate?" "On January 7th, the family will come back from Shandong Linyi, what is the requirements?" Even if there is no matter what is prevention and control, the unit resident is also willing to find him consultation, discuss. The unit long system also enhances the participation of unit households and the sense of responsibility.

Prince is fortunate to have a resident of a single unit, in 70 years old, the medical worker retired, he often gives the prince to the little knowledge of prevention and control, let Prince are filled with it.

The people’s moves let the hard work warmly warm.

The person in charge of the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee said that the single-header participation in the prevention and control work is an important deployment of the Luhe Municipal Committee to implement the "external defense input, internal defense rebound" prevention and control strategy. It is a fundamental work, significant, highlighting.

This work puts prevention and control to the bottom, solve the problem of "the last meter" problem of the epidemic prevention and control, and also allows mesh management to insert it to ensure that it is uploaded, quickly reacts, and realizes the fastest time in the shortest time.

"2021 is the opening year of the" 14th Five-Year Plan ", open a good bureau, take a good step in significant. Luohe City will strongly promote the people’s livelihood, and focus on satisfying the new look of good life, without laughing, the epidemic prevention and control." It is a solemn commitment in the Government Work Report. 4,827 public officials went to be long, woven the well-controlled security network, is not the best interpretation of this commitment! (Source: Jiangcheng Daily Full Media Reporter Ma Wei) (Editor: Li Siwei, Xie Long).