Ronaldo wanted to report Benefits of Hamburger, the clerk was found!

Ronaldo wanted to report “Benefits of Hamburger”, the clerk was found!
A few days ago, in the interview with British independent TV host Pierce Morgan, Ronaldo, the top star of Juventus, recalled the story of childhood filling up Hamburg, and released a tracing notice through the program, hoping to find three girls 22 years ago.It is reported that Paula Leica is one of these three waitresses.As a child, Ronaldo moved to the capital to pursue his football dream.”When I was a kid, about 11 or 12 years old, we had no money.I live in the same place as other young players in Moscow.Ronaldo recalled in the interview, “At 10 or 11 pm, we were very hungry. There was a McDonald’s next to the casino where the dormitory is located. We knocked on the back door and asked the staff if there were any extra burgers.The three waitresses are very warm and always give us burgers, which is very good for us.”Now, the woman named Paula Leica came forward and said that she had given Ronaldo a free burger.”They often appear in front of the restaurant. If there are hamburgers left, our manager agrees that we give them.One of the guys is Ronaldo. He may be the least daring. This happens almost every day.Paula said in an interview with Portuguese TV.”I told my son about this, but he didn’t believe it, because he couldn’t imagine his mother ever sent Ronaldo to Ronaldo.My husband knows this too, because sometimes he will come to pick me up from work and meet Ronaldo at night.Paula said, “It’s not easy to recall things that happened a long time ago, which proves Cristiano Ronaldo’s humility and proves that what I said is not false.Ronaldo once said on the show that he wanted to invite these three benefactors to dinner, in Turin, Lisbon or at home, in return for their original kindness.”I will never forget the actions of the three girls. They gave me everything when I was the most difficult.Paula also responded positively in the interview: “If Ronaldo invited me to dinner, I would definitely accept it.”I will definitely thank him for reminding us of the past.”