Who is the Little Red Jacket in New World?Feng Qingbo said it was not him

Who is the “Little Red Jacket” in “New World”?Feng Qingbo said it was not him
Sauna, Yewang recently interviewed Zhao Zheng, the star of Feng Qingbo in the hit drama “New World,” and he said to the sauna, Yewang: “I can only say that ‘Little Red Jacket’ is not me.If you look at Xu Tian’s play more often, you will know who is Xiao Hong Jacket.”The following is the interview transcript: Sauna Night Net: In the play, there were multiple people with pistols chasing and killing Feng Qingbo, but they were all subdued with a knife. Many netizens think the plot is exaggerated. What do you think?Zhao Zheng: I have seen this comment, and I especially understand these ordinary audiences.From my personal professional perspective, a character, some people can play this role better than the script, it may not work for other people, this is personal ability.Feng Qingbo is also the same. The training he receives is to become an agent. There must be how to deal with various pursuits in his daily training content. Therefore, it is reasonable for a very good agent to kill a few ordinary killers.Sauna Night: Many netizens think the plot is too slow, do you think?Zhao Zheng: We are still talking about this topic with our friends. Now everyone is watching short videos, fast food news, and short and fast comments.When we used to go to school, we read “Miserable World” and “Count of Monte Cristo”, and they are all long-term novels of more than a hundred thousand words, including myself. I may not have the patience to read those novels now.In such an environment, in such a rhythm, everyone feels that the development of the plot is too slow.In fact, when I read the script, I don’t feel slow at all. The reason why everyone feels slow is because the director is seriously restoring the people’s life at that time, and there are many details to make the character expression fuller.For example, Xu Tian ran across the street and wrote a sentence in the script, but the presentation from the film and television works will include the various characters on the street and the living conditions of the common people.I have watched several clips, sugar blowers, sugar cane gourds, and military vehicles. Some people did not have time to cross the road, and the bicycles squashed.I have n’t seen these details in TV series for many years. Unless the show itself is an industry play of the era, everyone will show that industry in detail.”New World” filmed these processes so delicately, so much of the content that is more than the script is actually enriching these humanistic things.Sauna Night Net: What are Feng Qingbo’s feelings for Tian Dan and Liu Rusi?Zhao Zheng: From the perspective of men and women, Feng Qingbo only loves Tian Dan.I did a biography for Feng Qingbo before. Feng Qingbo picked up Tian Dan and her father from the station. He didn’t know that other agents were coming.He may have wanted to protect them in a secret place at first, but he did not expect Tian Huaizhong to go to a toilet. Tian Dan shot when he went out, and there was no turning back, as everyone saw.He always wanted to see Tian Dan, and the two orders to kill Tian Dan were actually forced by Liu Rusi.He later used this as an excuse to see Tian Dan. He felt that the best result was for Tian Dan to kill himself.Feng Qingbo never actually crossed Liu Rusi, and he never confessed that Liu Rusi was his life-saving benefactor, life and death, superior and subordinate, nothing more.Sauna Night Net: Do you have any regrets for Feng Qingbo, who plays herself?Zhao Zheng: I think many netizens say that Feng Qingbo has lost his face.After killing Tian Huaizhong, there is really nothing to make him happy. The following scenes now seem to be a bit overwhelming.This is also the suggestion my wife gave me. It may be better to diversify this character a bit later.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Kunyu Editor Xu Meilin Proofreading Liu Jun