Big chubby hands shook,Fingertips are half a foot away from the handle。

“Please,Don’t take my grandson,My handprint,I don’t want this broken house,Please, Don’t take him away!”Fat grandma crying hoarse,Extremely sad。
The neighbors all around came up,Said one after another for the fat grandma。
“Comrade Police,You have to distinguish between wrong and wrong!Fatty he didn’t cut anyone,Sitting at my door。”
“Comrade Police,This kid has a bad head,Just let him go this time!”
“If you take Fat Dun away,What about his grandma?Isn’t this driving people to death??”
Although there is dissuasion from neighbors,The fat grandma couldn’t cry even more,But the police eventually took away Fat Dun,Because someone reported,Charged with threatening the safety of others with weapons,Seriously disrupt public order。
Fatton wanted to resist,But was hugged by grandma,The elderly understand,You can’t confront the police。
Fat Dun was taken away by the police,The news spread quickly among neighbors in the neighborhood。There were still a few families who were not willing to demolish and change houses.。
Fat Dun was arrested,It’s not a big deal,Say small,This silly boy didn’t do anything too extraordinary,Just overturned a few,A few beaten away,Just scared a few away。
But it’s not easy to say that this game,Hou Jianjun is powerful and powerful,He is backed by his brother-in-law Zhao Yuanchao,It’s not just a word of them。
After all,Still no one at home,There is only one old lady left,I’m afraid it’s called Tiantian should not,The ground is not working。
That afternoon,Lao Sun took his fat grandma to Manyuanchun to find Hou Jianjun,I wanted to sign the contract quickly,Redeem the grandson,I didn’t know that the two of them were blasted out without even entering the door of Man Yuanchun。
The other side said,Mr. Hou said,I don’t have time to care about them,I have big business to discuss。
to be honest,This is Hou Jianjun who is Liwei!He was frightened by the fat,Feel lost,Of course you must kill the chicken and respect the monkey,Let everyone on the street see clearly,What is the fate of offending President Hou?。
The fat grandma came home,It makes me sad to cry!She just sat at the door of her house and kept crying,When commuting in the factory,I don’t know how many people saw it,It’s a pity that everyone dared not speak。