“Needless to say,As the company’s logistics manager and team leader in the Netherlands,You need to keep communication open at all times,”Chen Geng waved his hand to interrupt him,Said:“This phone for you,Not only for your convenience,Also means responsibility,You understand what i mean?”

“understand!”Look at this Motorola, which symbolizes identity and status,Tian Weihong’s excited eyes are red,Subconsciously raised his chest:“Please rest assured,I must work hard,Serve everyone wholeheartedly,Do your best to do logistics work for everyone。”
“now it’s right,”Chen Geng smiled and nodded:“of course,Your hard work company is also in the eyes,So I adjusted your treatment temporarily,I’ll let Kylie arrange a bigger suite for you later,Also double as your office,In addition, your monthly allowance will increase300USD。
Your position is special,I won’t give it to you for visiting family leave,But the company gives you four opportunities for family members to visit relatives each year,Up to six places at a time,Half a month,In addition to full reimbursement for the board and lodging between five people、In addition to transportation expenses,The company will give3000Living allowance……Ok,If you decide not to come,This fee will be converted into cash and sent to you,Or to your lover、family,For the company’s decision,Do you have any comments?”
Four times a year,Every half month,Five people at a time,This is obviously giving myself half a month of family leave every quarter,And it is to allow the wife to bring the child and both parents,Not to mention that every time in addition to full reimbursement for round-trip accommodation and transportation costs,There is still3000USD subsidy……That’s one year12000USD!
This is a lot of money!
Tian Weihong said without hesitation:“Please rest assured,I must work hard,Never disappoint your expectations!”
“well,”Chen Geng nodded in satisfaction,He lifted a large cardboard box in his room with his feet:“There is a pager,One for each comrade,The network access procedures have been completed for you,You let people move back to everyone。”
Tian Weihong had already noticed this big cardboard box in the room,After all, such a sudden thing appeared in the huge room,It’s hard not to get people’s attention,but,The thing inside turned out to be a pager?And everyone has it?!
Of course he knows what a pager is,But because of this,Team leader Tian feels like he’s going crazy:Boss, what are you doing?How much does it cost for so many pagers?!
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