Love is brave

Love is brave

A girl who has just tasted the sweetness of sexual life may think that for a man who is almost always the protagonist on the bed, Miss Jiao will make some small tricks for him, and the man will definitely refuse to accept it.I am completely happy with what you are happy with: “No way, being spoiled!”

“You may have a little misunderstanding. Although men want to hear you say “I want”, but if you don’t just want to, you still have to control the man’s body without restraint and without care. Your husbandI am afraid that I will slowly “overdraw” both physically and emotionally.

  You will always want your husband to put your love score into A. This A is really hard to come by. Check out the “dead corners” below and exclude them?

  Some people have done statistics. One out of every three men has no self-confidence about their weight. Like women, they may have to worry too much about their weight all day long, not to mention that they are right.Your big belly is worrying!

Therefore, when a man is making love, this worry will often expand to the extreme.

Therefore, some people say that the same fat boy should have sex, and the benefit should be the woman. Although this sentence is not recognized by everyone, it does have some truth: the fat boy always lacks confidence in his body, soThe chances of causing them to be unfaithful to their girlfriends are naturally reduced, the proportion is rising, and the body of the girlfriend is slimmer than any other.

Therefore, a smart girlfriend must not casually comment when making love, otherwise it will definitely touch his injury.

You should take advantage of this advantage. In the past, he cherished more love for him: “Love him in silence (nonsense)” For his girlfriend, the requirements of men sometimes are too contradictory. They both want to find a virgin as a girlfriend, and at the same timeI also want to be a mature and mature man who can make love.

No man can still keep thunder when he hears that his girlfriend is too promiscuous.

Think about it, if a man makes her “on” when she is dating her girlfriend for the first time, it is estimated that this girlfriend will not be able to think of her as a “jaw girl” no matter how she argues.

Therefore, if you want to put your boyfriend in a hurry, it may be a shame to at least one month of abstinence – even if your boyfriend holds a gold plate to present “on the bed” to you.

  In the corner of the world, there is a lonely Bali. The women on the island are usually expelled to the outside of the village on a regular basis. This is because the men in the village feel that women are too fragile and often vulnerable to the devil, regardless of the body.This is true both above and above the ability of the brain.

Especially in modern society, the most intolerable men may be the menstruation of women, even if they are not willing to think of this unfortunate thing.

Amazing, poor and women’s menstruation, these three things are clearly in the man’s brain, but they are even more reluctant to have them.

  Men generally feel willing to stop making love when they feel that their sexual behavior is not up to the requirements, and they are not willing to do things.

Moreover, sex is a full-fledged effort, often the most important role for men in the process of making love, and even the greedy man often almost all the work.

He must get an erection in time, and keep this erection state, but also to maintain a tough and playful way to fully win the other party’s heart.

In addition, no matter how urgent, the volcano can not erupt when it should not, otherwise people will call you “premature ejaculation”, but it is impossible for you to take troops in the middle, your nutrition must not be retained, dedicated toThe one who hid the hi.

Therefore, at this time, the woman still stands up properly, relieves the man, at least the appropriate position, the man will be happy – let people play your imagination.

In this way, I personally experienced the man’s hardships. Some said that the pain in the arm, back pain, and even the ass became stiff. Believe me, this is really not good.

  Love to do, love to say, love to shout out.

When you really get the thrill of the whole body, don’t hide this pleasure, but express it through any sensory organs of the whole body. You can express your feelings from the bottom of your heart loudly. Not only will you feel that the benefits are not too shallow, even youThe husband of the capital city found power.

  Putting on sexy and charming pajamas can only show that your personal sexy taste is superb. This investment is very necessary and I believe it will bring huge benefits.

Throw away your old t-shirt!

  In the men’s interval (the interval between the male orgasm and the next re-sexual interest), you must not act rashly, just toss, or you will be attracted by his pain, uneasiness and even anger, knowing that the man was at that timeNeed a break, just follow him!

  Men’s nipples are also sexually sensitive areas, but you should not think that you can move here. Since it is very sensitive, it means that the pain is also transmitted very strongly.

Some women like to leave their own finger marks on his back when making love. The man is of course happy, because he can detect that you are suffering, but don’t go too far, and slowly transition to even the lover is skeptical.When you have a tendency to abuse, you can die.

Or when you are practicing your mouth, it is appropriate to use your lips and teeth. Your man must be cool, but if you accidentally take things in your mouth for dinner, just bite a bit and the result will be miserable.Missing!