“well,Since you all said that,Then now,I think about it,In fact, it should be dealt with as soon as possible!”

See these,Now,In the eyes of Han Tianshan,With a trace of killing intent。
I won’t talk about other things for now,But here。
Han Tianshan’s expression became more and more ferocious。
“Humph,I don’t want to continue to struggle with this matter。”
“Because next,I just want to do one thing!”
When Han Tianshan saw this,Han Tianshan gritted his teeth even more,The killing intent in the eyes,Is coming more and more intense。
But watching these,Han Tianshan at this time,I don’t think there is any problem。
slowly,See here。
At this moment,Han Tianshan itself,I didn’t even feel it at all,What will these。
And what about Han Tianshan,Waved:“You guys get ready now,Estimated soon,There will be a reaction。”
When Han Tianshan finished,Those around,With a hint of curiosity,Look here。
No one else knows,Why it’s so good,Will say so suddenly。