“See the palace lord everything is fine,Liyun is relieved。”Li Yun is talking,Suddenly bowed deeply to the boy。

“I’m serious from the manager,Thank you for your concern。”The teenager pulled a chair to Liyun,I sat on the other side of a few cases。
“not heavy,not heavy。”You’re welcome from the cloud,Sit down,“Don’t hide,The palace lord retreats for three days,There are some important things still to come and report,Liyun and the elders dare not decide,Please also decide。”
“Just say it,I never do more,Discuss together。”
“it is good,it is good。”Li Yun cleared his throat,“This first one,It was Li Tan, the chief administrator of the imperial court, came to see you three times,Said it was discussing important matters with the palace owner,I blocked it from the gate on the grounds of the palace lord’s retreat,I don’t know if it’s appropriate?Oh,correct,Now we have a formal truce with the coalition forces。”
“This is a good thing。”Teenager nodded,He knows Li Tanlai’s purpose,What is it to discuss with him?,Obviously looking for big eyes,But I don’t know where to go,Block is blocked。
Chapter One Hundred Seventy One Face alone
“Li Tan is hanging like this for now,What’s going on with Brahma?”Boy asked。
“I came with Li Tan the first time,Never seen again。”
“Oh,You keep saying。”
“The second thing is the defense of my Five Elements Island,Something bad,Although we are truce with the coalition at this moment,But still must be guarded,It’s just that the spirit is not good,The operation of the big formation is a little difficult。”
“This is urgent,I will offer it again later‘Tiangang Five Elements Base Armor’,Should be insured。”
“That’s good。Is this the third one?……”Li Yun’s expression is a bit twisted,“Palace Lord,I heard you got it in the Twelve Peaks of the Imperial Court‘Liege’Favor of,Don’t know……Uh,Did you get Skyfire Tinder?”
“No。”Teenager shaking his head,But still frankly,“Although not,But I was tempered by the fire。”
“Oh。”Liyun was quite disappointed,Look a little sad。
“What’s the trouble with the manager,Just say it。”
“That’s it,The palace lord knows that I have a brother called Lihuo,amount,Is the one you encountered under the Black Fire Cliff,You still have a fate,My brother can’t adjust,Maybe it was because of being locked up for too long,I’m in a bad mood,Offended the palace lord,But his nature is good,I wanted to ask the palace lord to help him regardless of previous complaints,But now it seems……Still a little difficult,Just as Liyun never said。”
“But don’t know how to help you brother?”Boy asked。
“Lihuo got it at Twelve Peaks in the early years‘Liege’Favorite,Realize some sky fire god energy,In addition, the fire Tianzun’s call,Divine power technique is slightly less successful,But after all, it’s not blessed by the Holy Fire,The repair base was stuck at an important pass,He is too impatient,Haven’t made progress in years,So the character is getting weird,Sometimes it hurts people at will,Not accepted by people on the island,Tetany。”