“Row,Before this,I want to make more money.,work hard to earn,Then have an endless wealth,Otherwise, I don’t want to make the sister without money.。”

“screw you,Asked these industries in your hands now,As long as it is not messy,This life is enough。”
Xu Ruzhen is completely said to be completely said。
Her currently at least a few billion。
Don’t say it is placed on ordinary people.,It’s also enough to put it on some white collar.。
But Li Hui has no answer。
What else thinking in his heart is something else.。
“Sister,After I went to the Headman,You have to take care of yourself.,After all, I went there.,Let’s linked to it.,That is sometimes。”
Xu Ru smiled:“knew,I am afraid that Qin Ya Ya is not in the United States.,But returning to China。”
Why do you say this??”
“Feel,I do not know either。”
Li Hui felt that Xu Ru said that there should be a few way.,After all, every person cultivates,Wake some new things。
For example, the spiritual power in his body can treat people。
This so-called feeling that Xu Ruzhen should be similar to divination.。
But what is the specific situation?,Li Hui did not study。
He just wants to find people now。
After leaving from the Magical,Li Hui said home and said with his parents.。
Original Li Shouye, I still want to go to the emperor.,I heard Li Hui, I want to find Qin Su Ya.,The heart is also a sigh。
Wang Jing did not expect that thing has passed for so long.,Li Hui Feng actually still read。
She doesn’t know how to say that Li Hui is a heart.,Still infatuated。
After all, she also knows that Li Hui has several girls.,This is the practice of spending radish radish。
But I want to say,This feeling of Qin Su Ya,She feels that the average person really can’t do it.。
“alright,This time is not stopped.,You should be careful,If people don’t want to come back with you,Don’t want to force you,Heard no!”
“Um,I see。”
Li Hui Feng originally thought that his father and mother will directly disagree。
But but I didn’t expect to talk to him.。
When I left,Li Hui Feng also gave Zhao Xiaoli,Yang Li,Self-improvement,Jin Xijie made a phone call,Gone。
Everyone’s response is different。
Su cool reaction is the largest。
“Lee brother,I advise you still don’t want to go,I will help you check the clue.,Then prove that the other’s identity is not simple。”
“If you check it out,Very likely to be dangerous。”
Li Huihe heard this,Laugh:“It’s fine,Under normal circumstances I don’t have any danger。”
“Su big brother,After I went over there,You have to help me take care.。”